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(यह लेख अनुवाद की प्रक्रिया में है कृपया इसे न हटाएँ) The Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP) is one of the constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), it is a premier organisation dedicated to Research & Technology development in hydrocarbon sector. The Institute has continued its efforts to grow into an internationally renowned R&D organisation, providing quality research and innovative technologies for the national and international market place and to produce technical support to the industry.[1]

It is situated in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand state, on National Highway no. 72.Established through an act of parliament in the year 1959, it started functioning initially at New Delhi in 1960 and finally at Dehradun since 1963. In pursuit of excellence it sought initial organisational help from Institut français du pétrole (IFP), France, the world renowned petroleum research organisation, under UNESCO programme during 1960 to 1964. An ISO 9001 certified Institute, it is devoted to multidisciplinary areas of Research and Development in the down stream sector of hydrocarbon and related industry . The acquirement of ISO-9001 certification by the institute in 1998 is a step forward. It has dedicated, experienced and qualified staff out of which 132 are R&D Scientists supported by 208 highly skilled technical personnel. It is equipped with comprehensive state-of-the-art R&D facilities including pilot plants. Annual budget of the Institute, currently, is around 18 crores.Institute is recognised by many Universities to conduct research leading to Doctorate degree.


[संपादित करें]

Development of processes for petroleum refining / petro chemicals / petroleum products and application Assistance to refineries in selection, and adoption of technologies and optimization of their unit operations,Evaluation of crudes & petro products Technical services Conduct techno-economic feasibility studies and market demand surveys of petroleum products. Impart training to personnel of oil / petrochemical industry Assistance to BIS in formulating standards for petroleum products

अनुसंधानगत विषयों के प्रकार

[संपादित करें]

Applied research leading to the development of technologies, products and processes in the area of Petroleum refining, Petrochemicals, Speciality chemicals, IC engines, and Combustion Basic / Fundamental research


[संपादित करें]

Process & product development (lab / bench / pilot scale) Process scale-up, process design Process optimization Process improvement & revamping Techno-economic feasibility studies Technology assessment Energy audit and conservation in chemical plants Vehicular pollution abatement Use of alternative fuels in IC engines Product characterisation


[संपादित करें]

Petroleum Refining & Catalysis Catalytic refining and catalysis Catalyst for refining process Separation process, solvent extraction, adsorption, membranes Lubricating oil base stocks processes, evaluation and characterisation Modified bitumen and carbon materials Thermal conversion process Modeling and simulation Chemical /Petrochemicals Intermediates Additives for petrochemicals industry Process and product development for specialty chemicals Petrochemicals intermediates Bioprocessing of petroleum streams Fuel Lubes and chemicals from Biomass

पेट्रोलियम पदार्थों का उपयोग

[संपादित करें]

Engine emission : pollution abatements Alternative fuels : oxygenates, CNG, Propane, LPG, DME Engine development: improved efficiency, lower emission Tribology : Evaluation and development of petroleum products, and developments of techniques for product evaluation Combustion : Developments of industrial and domestic combustion appliances, evaluation of fire resistant properties of hydraulic fluids

तुलनात्मक विज्ञान

[संपादित करें]

Detailed and short evaluation of crude oil Characterisation of petroleum products Characterisation of catalyst Technical and support services Instrumental analysis Engineering services Training Business developments and technology transfer

कुछ सम्मानित पुरस्कारों की सूची

[संपादित करें]

Production of food grade hexane by using nmp technology 2001.

Lube oil base stock (lobs) production through nmp 2000.

Propane deasphalting 1999.

Visbreaking technology 1998.

Sulfolane production technology 1997.

Business development & technology marketing 1996.

Low air pressure film burner 1994.

Food grade hexane 1993.

Bimetallic pt-re reforming catalyst 1992.

Production of benzene / toluene through sulfolane extraction 1990.

1990 young scientist.

1993 federation of Indian chambers of commerce and industry (ficci).

Excellence in science and technology 1993.

Production of benzene / toluene through sulpholane extraction 1986.

Indian Chemical Manufacturers Association (ICMA)

[संपादित करें]

Production of benzene / toluene through sulpholane extraction 1985.

Institute has developed a large number of processes and technologies. Thirty eight technologies having licensed capacity around 25 million tonnes per annum transferred to the industry. Almost every refinery in the country has technologies licensed by the institute. Test techniques developed for evaluation of petroleum products included in BIS specifications. Established global tie-ups for contract research and technical services. Filed 185 patents in India and 29 patents abroad.PhD degrees awarded to about fifty research fellows and Scientist of the institute by various universities. A large number of research paper published in reputed International and National journals bestowed with many prestigious awards in recognition of excellence in various fields.

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