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पुण्डीर एक राजपूत जाति है। ये दधिमती माता को अपनी कुलदेवी मानते हैं।[कृपया उद्धरण जोड़ें]

इतिहास[संपादित करें]

एरिक थॉमस स्टोक्स ने पुण्डीरों के बारे में लिखा है कि-

In the Katha the Pundir Rajputs stood out as the dominant landholders, dwelling together as a formidable clan that had never been properly brought under close administration. A proud, hardy race ... they possessed a long history of turbulence. Significantly they had successfully warded off alien intrusion ... So formidable did they appear as adversaries before the recapture of Delhi at the end of September 1857 that the British left them severely alone, despite their attacks on Deoband town and in similar depredations.[1]

सन्दर्भ[संपादित करें]

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इन्हें भी देखें[संपादित करें]