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यह विश्व में प्रचलित क्षेत्रिय विवादों कि सूची है। बोल्ड दर्शित करता है:- दावेदार का पूर्ण नियँत्रण; इटैलिक्स दर्शाता है, दावेदार का आँशिक नियँत्रण।

जो राज्य एक दूसरे को मान्यता देते हैँ, उनके बीच विवाद[संपादित करें]

अफ्रिका एवँ पड़ोसी क्षेत्रों के[संपादित करें]

दोनों अमरिका में[संपादित करें]

एशिया एवँ प्रशांत महासागर क्षेत्र में[संपादित करें]

युरोप में[संपादित करें]

580px|thumb|Territorial disputes in Europe (red: Disputes involving states that recognize each other, pink: Disputes involving parties that each have some territory under control but do not recognize each other)

एक राज्य एवँ उपराज्य स्वायत्तता के बीच[संपादित करें]

विवाद जिनमें दोनों पक्षों के पास कुछ क्षेत्र हैं, परंतु एक दूसरे को मान्यता नहीं देते[संपादित करें]

See also: wikt:List of unrecognized countries

यथाविधि पूर्ण विवाद[संपादित करें]

See also wikt:demilitarized zone

अंटार्कटिका[संपादित करें]

The wikt:Antarctic Treaty System, formed on wikt:1 December wikt:1959 and entered into force on wikt:23 June wikt:1961, establishes the legal framework for the management of wikt:Antarctica and provides administration for the continent, which is carried out through consultative member meetings. It freezes the territorial claims of all signatories (all claimants have acceded) for as long as the treaty is in force. However, it is not a final settlement; parties can choose to withdraw from the System at any time. Furthermore, only a minority of states have signed it, and it is not formally sanctioned by the wikt:United Nations. Thus, Antarctica remains the only part of the planet any (non-signatory) state can still lay claim to as wikt:terra nullius (on the grounds of it not having been part of any existing state's legal and effective territory).

बाहरी मंगोलिया[संपादित करें]

When the wikt:Constitution of the Republic of China was adopted on wikt:25 December wikt:1947, the wikt:Republic of China did recognize the statehood of the wikt:Mongolian People's Republic with Soviet pressure. After the wikt:UN General Assembly Resolution 505 was passed in 1952, the Republic of China withdrew such a recognition in 1953 and therefore claimed wikt:Greater Mongolia including wikt:Outer Mongolia.

On wikt:26 November wikt:1993, the wikt:Judicial Yuan of the Republic of China in its Interpretation 328 called the constitutional territory beyond the reach of judicial review and thus avoided the question as whether Mongolia should be considered the constitutional territory of the Republic of China.[21]

The Republic of China has once again recognized the statehood of wikt:Mongolia in 2002 (but still claiming wikt:Tannu Uriankhai administered by Russia), thus freezing the territorial claim, but as the Constitution of the Republic of China still mentions Mongolia in Article 119 that has not been superseded by the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the Republic of China, there are different opinions as to whether such a recognition is constitutional. Despite these, the Yearbook of the Republic of China 2003 Version published by the wikt:Government Information Office does claim Outer Mongolia.[22]

thumb|Map of the Republic of China (now based in Taiwan) with various territorial disputes

नोट[संपादित करें]

Over 1.5% of the world's population live in an area disputed by two (or more) countries that are members of the wikt:United Nations. This rises to around 25% when the areas and regions where territorial claims are made by two or more parties that do not recognize each other is included, although much of this comes from the wikt:Republic of China's claim to wikt:mainland China.

Disputes between a state and a secessionist group with no territorial control[संपादित करें]

सन्दर्भ[संपादित करें]

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इन्हें भी देखें[संपादित करें]

Disputed or occupied territories