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HSBC Holdings plc
प्रकार Public limited company
व्यापार करती है LSE: HSBA
Euronext: HSB
bsx: HSBC.BH
उद्योग Banking, Financial services
  • First established on 3 मार्च 1865; 156 वर्ष पहले (1865-03-03) in British Hong Kong[1] (as The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank)
  • First incorporated on 14 अगस्त 1866; 155 वर्ष पहले (1866-08-14)[2] (as The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)
  • 25 मार्च 1991; 30 वर्ष पहले (1991-03-25)[1][3] in London (as HSBC Holdings plc, as parent holding company to the entity in Hong Kong now as a subsidiary)
संस्थापक Sir Thomas Sutherland

London, United Kingdom

8 Canada Square
क्षेत्र Worldwide
प्रमुख व्यक्ति Mark Tucker
(Group Chairman)
Jonathan Symonds
(Deputy Group Chairman)
John Flint
(Group Chief Executive)
सेवाएँ Retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, mortgage loans, private banking, wealth management, credit cards, finance and insurance
राजस्व वृद्धि US$51.445 billion (2017)[4]
प्रचालन आय वृद्धि US$14.792 billion (2017)[4]
निवल आय वृद्धि US$11.879 billion (2017)[4]
कुल संपत्ति वृद्धि US$2.521 trillion (2017)[4]
कुल इक्विटी वृद्धि US$190.25 billion (2017)[4]
कर्मचारी साँचा:Augmentation 228,687 (2017)[4]
सहायक कंपनियाँ
वेबसाइट www.hsbc.com

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