उदीयमान तकनीकों की सूची

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नीचे कुछ उदीयमान प्रौद्योगिकी (Emerging technology) की सूची दी गयी है। उदीयमान तकनीकें, नवीन तकनीकें होती हैं; इनमें तकनीकी जगत में उथल-पुथल मचाने की क्षमता (disruptive technologies) होती है - ये पहले से जड़ जमायी तकनीकों को पिछाड सकती हैं। उदाहरण के लिये सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी ऐसी ही एक तकनीकी है जो पहले ही उथल-पुथल कर चुकी है। इसी प्रकार कृत्रिम बुद्धि जो कि सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी के अन्दर ही आती है, इसमें भी उथल-पुथल करने की प्रबल क्षमता है।

उद्दियमान तकनीकें वर्तमान स्थिति पिछाडी गयी तकनीकें उपयोग प्रमुख कमियाँ
कृत्रिम बुद्धि Theory and experiments Human Brain Creation of intelligent devices Economic dislocation
अनुबांशिक प्रौद्योगिकी / शंश्लेषण जीव विज्ञान (Synthetic biology) Diffusion Evolution Creation and modification of species Human-made disease
Bio fuels Diffusion Fossil fuels Energy source, particularly for transportation Raises food prices when utilizing food crop feedstock
Electric cars Small scale production and prototypes Internal combustion engine automobiles Greener transportation
Anti-aging drugs: resveratrol Animal testing; Theory Existing treatments for age-related diseases Life extension Overpopulation
Nootropics: Piracetam, Pregnenolone Human trials Drugs that improve memory or cognition in healthy or aged populations. Nootropics Side effects, dependency, abuse
Virtual retinal display Working prototypes VR headsets, displays Augmented reality, virtual reality
Personal rapid transit Working prototypes (and models) Conventional rail/bus public transport Greener transportation
Solid-state drive Diffusion Hard disk drive Smaller, faster, quieter, lower power consuming storage
Memristor Working prototype Some current integrated circuits, many other electronics devices Smaller, faster, lower power consuming storage, analogue electronics, Artificial intelligence
Optical computing Theory and experiments - some components of integrated circuits have been developed Many integrated circuits and other electronics devices Smaller, faster, lower power consuming computing
Nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes Diffusion and Theory and experiments Structural steel and aluminium Stronger, lighter, and more intelligent materials Nanoparticles' health risks
Molecular nanotechnology Theory and experiments Small products and parts production & retail Desktop devices that can make anything given the materials Economic dislocation
CVD production of diamonds Kevlar, Glass, Metal heatsinks Hardest and most thermally conductive material known
Scramjet Working Mach 10 Prototype Jet engines, Rocket engines Very fast air travel Noise pollution, greenhouse gases
Wireless communication Diffusion Wired communication Ubiquitous network connectivity
3D printing In Commercial Production Manual creation of prototypes and also some mass production methods that lack the ability for customization Rapid prototyping and production of not only plastic objects but multi-material items, with the potential to significantly customize products for individual consumers
Semantic Web or Answers Machine Search engines Making the web machine-readable by linking data on the web based on its meaning
OLED Diffusion LCD and plasma displays Displays and screens of various kinds
Machine translation Human translation of natural languages, in areas where misunderstanding is non-critical and language is formalized Easier cross-cultural communication Loss of translation jobs for humans [Cn]
Machine augmented cognition Diffusion of primitive amplifications; working prototypes of more; theory and experiments on more substantial amplification
Nuclear fusion power Theory and experiments Fossil fuels, hydroelectricity, nuclear fission power Electric power generation
3D optical data storage or Holographic data storage Prototyping and research All other optical data storage solutions, magnetic tape data storage, and other mass storage devices. Storage and archiving of data that was previously erased for economic reasons
Spintronics Working prototypes Mechanical magnetic hard disk drives Data storage
Metamaterials Diffusion Classical optics Microscopes, cameras, cloaking devices
High-temperature superconductivity Working prototypes in dry ice; theory and experiments for higher temperatures Copper wire No loss conductors, frictionless bearings, magnetic levitation
3D displays Theory and experiments CRT, LCD, and other display technologies Television, Computer interfaces, cinemas
PAVs Commercial production High fuel costs
Quantum computing Theory and experiments Electronic computing, optical computing Much faster computing, for certain kinds of problems
Hydrogen economy Diffusion (of hydrogen fuel cells); Theory and experiments for less expensive production of hydrogen Other technologies for storing energy (conventional batteries, fossil fuels) Green storage of energy
Nanowire battery Working prototypes Other technologies for storing energy (hydrogen, conventional batteries and in some cases fossil fuels) Laptops, cell phones and long-range electric cars. Storing power for electric grid
Reliable Global Navigation Satellite System System currently being produced Various custom built systems Mission critical navigation
WiTricity Working prototypes Electrical cables Wireless energy transfer
Vitrification or Cryoprotectant Theory and some experiments Ischemic Damages Organ transplant
Non-rocket spacelaunch Theory and some experiments Rocket
Thermal copper pillar bump Working prototypes in discrete devices Conventional thermal solutions, heat sinks, bulk thermoelectrics Electric circuit cooling; micro-fluidic actuators; small-device thermoelectric power generation

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