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यहाँ एलेक्ट्रॉनिक डिजाइन स्वचालन (Electronic Design Automation / EDA) की दृष्टि से उपयोगी सॉफ्टवेयरों के विभिन्न पक्षों की तुलना की गयी है।

निःशुल्क तथा मुक्तस्रोत सॉफ्टवेयर (FOSS)[संपादित करें]

नाम आर्किटेक्चर लाइसेंस स्वतःरूटर टिप्पणी
चिप_वाल्ट (ChipVault) GPL Terminal based vi wrapper for HDL
Electric *BSD, Java GPL Yes VLSI circuit design tool with connectivity at all levels. Can also be used for schematic entry and PCB design.
FreePCB w32 GPL Yes A printed circuit board design program for Microsoft Windows. FreePCB allows for up to 16 copper layers, both metric and English units, and export of designs in Gerber format. Boards can be partially or fully autorouted with the FreeRouting autorouter by using the FpcROUTE Specctra DSN file translator.
Fritzing w32, Mac, Linux GPL Yes Integrated tool for breadboard, schematic, and PCB design. Targeted at non-engineers (designers, artists, researchers, hobbyists) and users of microcontroller platforms such as Arduino.
gEDA *BSD, Mac, Linux GPL Yes Suite of applications for schematic capture, PCB layout editing (with autorouting capability), Gerber viewing, analog circuit simulation, Verilog design, and GTK-based waveform viewing.
Icarus Verilog *BSD, Linux, Mac GPL Verilog simulator
Kicad Linux, w32, Mac GPLv2 Yes Unlike other free software alternatives, Kicad provides for all design stages through the same interface: Schematic capture, PCB layout, Gerber generation/visualization, and library editing are all standard features. It also has a "3D view" feature for PCBs.

It is available for all three major operating systems, and features a large selection of component libraries. Migration tools (for transferring files from other EDA packages) are also provided. The file format is plain text, and is well documented, which is a useful feature for content management systems.

KTechLab Linux GPL n/a KTechLab is a schematic capture and simulator. It is specifically geared toward mixed signal simulation of analog components and small digital processors.
Magic Linux BSD license no a popular very-large-scale integration layout tool
Oregano GPL no schematic capture + spice simulation
OwlVision GDSII Viewer GPL GDSII IC layout viewer
Quite Universal Circuit Simulator Linux, Solaris, Mac, NetBSD, FreeBSD, w32 GPL Schematic capture + Verilog + VHDL + simulation
XCircuit Unix GPL Used to produce netlists and publish high-quality drawings.
Verilator Posix GPL Verilator is the fastest free Verilog HDL simulator. It compiles synthesizable Verilog into cycle accurate C++ or SystemC code following 2-state synthesis (zero delay) semantics. Benchmarks reported on its website suggest it is several times faster than commercial event driven simulators such as ModelSim, NC-Verilog and VCS, while not quite as fast as commercial cycle accurate modeling tools such as Carbon ModelStudio and ARC VTOC.

स्वाम्य सॉफ्टवेयर (Proprietary software)[संपादित करें]

Application Vendor Simulation Engine Licence Platform Components Netlist Format Vector Output
Windows POSIX
AutoTRAX EDA and DEX Autotrax Software Spice 3f52090; Proprietary Yes No Schematic capture, Simulation Probe, PCB editor and Active3D RS-274X Gerber format
CircuitLogix Logic Design Inc Xspice variant Proprietary Yes No Schematic capture and editing, PCB design, Simulation Probe
Crocodile Clips Crocodile Clips Ltd Yes No
PCB123 Sunstone Circuits Free Yes No Create new PCB designs quickly, then edit layout and schematics. Various
PCD Wizard Yes PCB editor
TARGET 3001! Ing.-Buero FRIEDRICH PSpice compatible Proprietary, free versions available Yes No Schematic entry, simulation, PCB design, autorouter, 3D live view, isolation milling, front panel design Various Extended Gerber format, PostScript, STEP-3D, HPGL, G-code
PCB Artist 4pcb.com - free Yes No Schematic capture, PCB design Gerber (after 1st order), PDF
nanoViewer Wuxinanotech - Proprietary and free versions Yes Yes high speed and high capacity gds/oasis viewing

ईडीए पकेजों की तुलना[संपादित करें]

Application and developer Latest version/release + date Schematic? Simulation? PCB editing? Runs on POSIX style systems? Runs on Windows? Other platforms? Open
User Interface Language(s) Stable?[तथ्य वांछित] Imports Exports
Advanced Design System by Agilent EEsof EDA 2011.05
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ LINUX,SUN SOLARIS en हाँ HSPICE, SPICE, Spectre netlists; Gerber/drill, ODB++, artwork; more HSPICE, SPICE, Spectre netlists; Gerber/drill, ODB++, artwork; more
Active-HDL by Aldec 2011, October
हाँ हाँ नहीं नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ EDIF, Viewlogic, more PDF, HTML, Verilog, VHDL, EDIF, Zuken, more
Altium Designer (former Protel) and PCAD by Altium 2011, Feb 25
Release 10
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ OrCAD, Allegro, PADs, P-CAD, Gerber, STEP, more PDF, Gerber/drill, ODB++, DXF, STEP, OrCAD, more
PCB123 by [Sunstone Circuits] 4.1.16
हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं नहीं en हाँ various netlists; Gerber artwork; more various netlists; Gerber/drill; more
AutoTRAX EDA and DEX by Kovac Software 2012, January 13
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं Various हाँ Eagle, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD, Gerber, DXF Gerber/drill, DXF, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD
CADSTAR, Board Designer, and Visula by Zuken 2010, August 17
हाँ हाँ, Spice हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ PADS, OrCAD, P-CAD, Protel, DXF, IDF PDF, Gerber/drill, ODB++, DXF, IDF more
CircuitLogix by Logic Design Inc. 2011, January
Release 8.1
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ Mac en हाँ SPICE, Gerber, DXF SPICE, PDF, Gerber, DXF,
CR-5000 by Zuken 2011, May 17
हाँ हाँ, SI & PI हाँ हाँ हाँ UNIX, LINUX en, jp हाँ EDIF, DXF, IGES, IDF, BSDL, STEP, ACIS, Gerber/drill, more PDF, Gerber/drill, ODB++ (must request[1]), DXF, STEP, IPC D-356, IPC-2581, EPS, ACIS
DipTrace by Novarm 2011, Oct 17
हाँ नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ Mac, Wine 18 languages हाँ Eagle, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD, Gerber, DXF Gerber/drill, DXF, P-CAD, PADS, OrCAD
DesignSpark PCB from RS Components 2011, April 26
हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं Various हाँ Eagle, DXF, EDIF Gerber/drill, IDF, PDF, more
Eagle CadSoft 2010, December
हाँ नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ de, en हाँ Eagle, Cadence, Gerber/drill, Eagle, Netlist, PDF, Images, Protel, HyperLynx, EPS
EDWinXP from Visionics 2010, Feb
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं नहीं en, jp हाँ ODB++ ODB++
Easy-PC by Number One Systems 14 हाँ नहीं हाँ Unknown हाँ Unknown en Unknown Unknown DXF, BOM, Gerber/drill, IDF
Fritzing 2011-02-18
हाँ, + breadboard नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ Mac हाँ en, de, nl, es, it, fr, pt, ru, zh, jp, ... हाँ gEDA symbols, KiCAD symbols, SVG Gerber, DIY etching, BOM, SVG, PDF, EPS
gEDA 2011-01-15
हाँ नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ Mac हाँ en हाँ ? Gerber/drill
KiCad by the KiCad developers 2012-01-19-BZR3256 हाँ नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ de, en, es, fr, pt, ru हाँ TinyCAD net lists, OrCAD EDIF PDF, Gerber/drill, netlist
Various (Board Station, PADS, Expedition, DxDesigner, HyperLynx, ECAD Collaborator...), by Mentor Graphics लागू नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं en yes ODB++ GGerber/drill, BoM, IDF, ODB++
Micro-Cap by Spectrum Software 2010, Jun 26
हाँ हाँ नहीं नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ Unknown SPICE text file, netlist, BOM
by J C Chavez
March 6, 2011
नहीं नहीं हाँ हाँ नहीं Mac en हाँ Unknown Gerber, netlist
Various Allegro and OrCAD products by Cadence Design Systems लागू नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ हाँ Unknown en हाँ Unknown PDF, OrCAD netlist, ODB++
Proteus by Labcenter Electronics 7.7 हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ Unknown netlist, BoM, Gerber/drill
Pulsonix by Pulsonix 7.0 हाँ हाँ हाँ Unknown हाँ Unknown en हाँ Unknown PDF, Gerber/drill, ODB++, DXF, more
PCB Investigator by easyLogix 2012-01
नहीं नहीं हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ ODB++, Gerber/drill, Sieb&Meyer, GenCAD 1.4 ODB++, DXF, Catia-Script, X-File, BOM, GenCAD 1.4
SLASH by Dolphin Integration 2011, February हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ हाँ नहीं en हाँ EDIF, ASCII, Several netlist formats EDIF, Several netlist formats, CSDF, SPI3, more
Symica DE by Symica v1.4
Oct 2011
हाँ हाँ नहीं नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ HSPICE, SPICE, Spectre netlists, SKILL specs, more SKILL, SPICE netlist
TARGET 3001! by Ing.-Buero FRIEDRICH V15.5
हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en, de, fr हाँ Eagle, DXF, Gerber, XGerber, Excellon, BMP, CXF XGerber, Excellon, HPGL, G-Code (Milling), CXF, STEP 3D, BOMs, Pick&Place, Testpoints, Netlists
TinyCAD by the developers of TinyCAD 2.70
हाँ नहीं नहीं नहीं हाँ नहीं हाँ en हाँ Unknown Several net list formats, PNG, EMF
NI Ultiboard and Multisim by National Instruments 11 हाँ हाँ हाँ नहीं हाँ नहीं en हाँ MS*, MP*, EWB, Spice, OrCAD, UltiCap, Protel, Gerber, DXF, Ultiboard 4&5,Calay BOM, Gerber/drill, IGES (3D), DXF (2D & 3D), SVG
Viewlogic by Synopsys Unknown नहीं नहीं हाँ हाँ हाँ Unknown en Unknown Unknown Unknown

Note: ODB++ support is drawn partly from lists by Artwork Conversion Software[1] and Mentor Graphics[2]

इन्हें भी देखें[संपादित करें]

टिप्पणी[संपादित करें]

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