असि नदी

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असिनदी वाराणसी शहर में बहने वाली एक छोटी नदी है। शहर में ये नदी गंगा नदी में दक्षिण से मिलती है।

The Assi river in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, is now a small, local, ephemeral floodplain tributary of River Ganga, with a length of about 8 km and catch- ment area of about 22 km2. It has also turned into a filthy drain. There are evidences in the form of palaeochannels, through patterns of water bodies and settlements along them, to suggest the origin of Assi river near Allahabad flowing through a distance of about 120 km up to Varanasi to meet the Ganga.There is also the possibility that Assi started as a take-off from River Ganga and flowed as a Yazoo stream. Through on-screen digitization from high and medium-resolution remote sensing data – BHUVAN and Google Earth, CORONA aerial photographs, IRS P6 LISS-IV, Landsat 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 – and a number of cross profiles from SRTM 30 m digital elevation model (DEM), palaeochannel of Assi been delineated (Current Science 25 Feb.2020)