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Indian Film Director

[1] Indian Film Director SOURAV DEBNATH

Sourav Debnath (born 30 July 2000 in Contai,West Bengal) is an Indian film director, producer, singer[2] and now also an actor. Formerly, he was the creative head of SDF Music Company .; however, he has resigned from the company in 2017.

Early life SDF is the son of Joydeb Debnath from (Satmile,Contai,West Bengal), one of the pioneers of the Indian NGO Team , and the son of Private Teacher Jharna Debnath[3].

Career At the age of 16, in 2016, SDF started his career with director M.K.DASH in DASH's first film, Tum Chale. Dash's also assisted SOURAV DEBNATH[4] as the chief assistant on the sets of GUTARGU.[5] This film turned out to be a cult classic, though not very successful at the box office.

Subsequently, SDF worked with director Suresh Manna[6] for two and a half years and later with director Manish Tripathy[7] for three years. He has been an assistant director on the sets of several successful films including Hum Sab Aakele hai and Dustoon[8]

His career as a director began with the film Gutargu[9], which was produced by Mahin khan. His first four films did not fare well at the box office; his first successful directorial venture was Zindegi badal di[10]. Following this, he had a string of successful films such as Dil mein ho tum, Superstar, and Dil ka E Makan. After No Problem[11] , he once again entered a phase where his films did not perform well at the box office. However, in the same phase he did deliver moderately successful films like No Problem and the semi-biopic Entertainment Vanus.

In 2016, SDF came back with the horror genre and he delivered three films that were successful at the box office; these include 1947, Dil Tum Le Gayi and Ghor e Amar . In 2018, SDF introduced stereoscopic 3D for the first time in India with his film No Problem[12]; the film was released in May 2019 and it then set the record of the highest grossing Hindi horror film of all time, making Rs. 1.5 million at the box office[13].

In 2016, Debnath's Dil Main Ho Tum recorded domestic box office collection of 0.6 million after the 3rd weekend and the overseas collection was at 1.6 million. Riding high with the success, SDF is Singing another horror-thriller for Mahi Roy in the central role, with a more shocking image than Midnight[14]. Following the success of Cross, Sourav Debnath's Directed Hindi horror movie Cross - A Sourav Debnath Film which has been Produced by Riktam Saha topped the first weekend collection chart at the Box Office and the approximate collection was Rs 1.3 million nett. The movie further collected approx Rs 0.5 million nett in the second Weekend, taking the total to Rs 0.7 million nett. The film has been declared a 'Hit'. Soon after, SDF signed a deal with Dinesh Gupta's World Series[15] to produce 2 films of sci-fi, thriller and horror genre. Two of the films will be directed by SDF himself.

In early 2019, SDF announced his upcoming projects No Problem, India's First 3D Monster Movie with Monojog & Mohit in the lead role and Dil mesin Hi tum , third in the 1947 (The india's Freedom Story). Sourav Debnath will mark his foray into Odia cinema with 'Blackmail[16]', which will be directed by Ranjan Chaterjee.

Starting from 5th December 2018 , he would be seen hosting the TV Show Bewafa Pyar[17]based on Real Life Romances on MTV.

Notable achievements SDF's movies, CROSS's socialmedia promotion campaign was studied by Indian Institute of Management Kolkata. The management institute assessed Internet activities and campaigns; the team finally establish the connection between box office collections and promotions on social media. This case study is published by GSM Business Publishing and is being used by students in the Odisha, Bangladesh, Mumbai, Dehli and Sri Lanka[18]

SDF's scripts for Dil Main Ho Tum, Cross and 1947 are set to turn into novels and release in January 2017.

Personal life SDF was to his childhood sweet, Jharna Debnath, and have a Sister, Sudha Debnath.. SDF shares a great bond with his Mother .

Upna SDF is Singing is very good quality . His song Discuss given below-

Singing & Composition :

27th MARTCH 2019 - Main Aur Tum

3rd June 2019 - Haal - dil - mera

24th September 2019 - AMARO PARANO JAHA CHAY.

Filmography Director 14th July 2014 - Tum Bin Kaise Jiye

5th October & 8th December 2015 - Gutargu & Nova City

4th August 2016 - Meri Mom is Best

7th June 2017 & 15 August 2017 - Dil main Ho Tum & 1947 *(India'S Freedom Story)

16th October & 21 November 2018 - Cross & Midnight

15th February 2019 - No Problem

18th May 2019 - MOM

24th December 2019 - LOVE LETTER

24th December 2019 - Bachor Char Ek Por

3rd January 2020 - Rangin Masala

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