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alt text for small
(isn't magnifying too complex for a padlock icon ?, also I think it's the other way around)
(alt text for small)
}}protected{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{{type}}}}}|indef||{{#if:{{{expiry|}}}|<nowiki> </nowiki>until {{#time:F j, Y|{{{expiry}}}}}}}}}{{#if:{{{icon-reason|}}}|<nowiki> </nowiki>{{{icon-reason}}}}}.}}}]]</div>|alt=Page {{#switch:{{lc:{{{type}}}}}
|indef=permanently<nowiki> </nowiki>
|office=<!--null, but should this have a special tag?-->
|pending=pending changes<nowiki> </nowiki>
|pending2=Level II pending changes<nowiki> </nowiki>
|<!-- else, not small -->


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