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सेलेना कीन्तानीया पेरेज़ (१६ अप्रैल, 1971 - ३१ मार्च, 1995[1]) एक मैक्सिकन-अमेरिकी गायक था। उसने बिलबोर्ड द्वारा दशक के शीर्ष बेच कलाकार बन गए। वह "टेक्सास संगीत की रानी" नामित किया गया था।[2][3][4]

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चित्र:Selena vigils.jpg
A fan holding a Selena picture and a candle during the candlelight vigil in South Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas.
चित्र:Mirador de la Flor 2.jpg
A fan looking at the "Mirador de la Flor" statue that was made in honor of Selena in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Year Film Role Notes Gross revenue
1995 Don Juan DeMarco Ranchera singer
Minor role
1997 Selena based upon her life The film was based about Selena's childhood and her young adult life and her struggles to become a professional singer. $35,281,794[6][7]
Year Title Role Notes Views (millions)
1985–1995 Johnny Canales Show
TV appearances
1987–1995 Tejano Music Awards
1993 Dos mujeres, un camino
1997 The Making of Selena the Movie
Jennifer Lopez and the cast of Selena talks about dance rehearsals, make-up, and other training they had to endure in order to create the film.
1998 Por Siempre Selena
1998 E! True Hollywood Story: The Murder Trial of Selena
1999 VH1 All Access: Selena
2000 Para Siempre Selena
2001–present Por Siempre... Selena 3.03m[8]
2005 Selena ¡VIVE!
2008 Biography TV series (2 episodes)
2009 Simplemente Selena
2009 Top Trece TV series (1 episode)
2009 Historia de una Leyenda TV series (1 episode)
2010 Famous Crime Scene: Selena TV series (1 episode)

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