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Siyol (सियोल)[1] Seeyol (सीयोल) Sihol (सिहोल) Seoul (सियोल) Syal (सियाल) Sial (सियाल) is Gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh & Himachal Pradesh and Pakistan. It is a branch of Johiya.

The city of Sialkot in Pakistan is named after them.

Origin[संपादित करें]

History[संपादित करें]

H.A. Rose writes that Bhangu (भंगू), Bhanggu (भंग्गु), a Jat tribe which does not claim Rajput origin. The Bhangu and Nol were among the earliest inhabitants of the Jhang District and held the country about Shorkot, the Nol holding that round Jhang itself before the advent of the Sials, by whom both tribes were overthrown. Probably the same as the Bhango, supra. [3]

H.A. Rose[4] writes that Raja Rasalu of Punjab folklore had by a paramour of the scavenger class four sons, Seo, Teo, Gheo, and Karu, from whom are respectively descended the Sials, Tiwanas, Ghebas, and Karrals. They intermarry with Gakkhars, Sayyids and Dhunds.

Villages founded by Siyol clan[संपादित करें]

Distribution in Rajasthan[संपादित करें]

Villages in Jodhpur district[संपादित करें]

Bap, Chadi (350), Falaudi, Jodhpur, Lawera Khurd, Mandiyai Khurd, Rawatnagar Pilwa, Tamboliya,

Villages in Barmer district[संपादित करें]

Alamsar, Aalpura, Barmer, Bhojasar, Chak Gudha, Chawanada, Garal (5), Hemaguda, Hira Ki Dhani, Jaisar, Khudasa (15), Koloo, Koshlu, Mokhab Khurd, Moodhonki Dhani, Nosar, Purawa, Ramji Ka Gol, Ratanpura, Seeyolon Ki Dhani, Siyolo Ki Dhani, Siyolon Ka Der (Piprali), Sobhala, Undoo,

Villages in Jaisalmer district[संपादित करें]


Villages in Jalor district[संपादित करें]


Villages in Churu district[संपादित करें]


Villages in Nagaur district[संपादित करें]

Khari Jodha, Sarunda,

Distribution in Punjab, India[संपादित करें]

Villages in Kapurthala district[संपादित करें]

Villages in Firozpur district[संपादित करें]

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh[संपादित करें]

Villages in Meerut district[संपादित करें]

Distribution in Jammu kasmir[संपादित करें]

Villages in Udhampur district[संपादित करें]

Distribution in Himachal Pradesh[संपादित करें]

Kangra, Una & Hamirpur

Distribution in Pakistan[संपादित करें]

Sial - The Sial tribe are a branch of Jatt originating predominantly from the Jhang District of northern Punjab, Pakistan. The Sials are predominantly Muslims; there are also Christian, Sikh, Hindu Sials.

According to 1911 census, the Sials were one of the principal Muslim Jat clans with population as under:

Notable person[संपादित करें]

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Reference[संपादित करें]

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