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RFC/N discussion of the username "user name required"[संपादित करें]

Information.svg A request for comment has been filed concerning the username of user name required (वार्ता योगदान). You are invited to comment on the discussion here. ~~~~

Information icon.svg Template usage notes
  • This template can be used to notify interested parties about a WP:RFC/NAME discussion. Please use {{subst:UsernameDiscussion}} to notify the RFC's subject.
  • Feel free to write your own message from scratch, or paraphrase this template in your own personal style. This template is not compulsory, it exists for anyone whom it may help to save time and effort in typing or in finding the links.
  • This template takes one required parameter: the exact and correct username (without the prefix "User:") of the RFC's subject, for instance {{subst:UsernameNotice|John Doe}}
  • Please remember to substitute the template, thus use: {{subst:UsernameNotice|username}}
  • This template inserts your signature by default (as you would put ~~~~ inside the box). To prevent it from doing so, set the (optional) parameter sig to n: {{subst:UsernameNotice|username|sig=n}}