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{{tz}} can be used to quickly and consistently link to an article on a timezone, while automatically displaying the deviation from UTC.

It also contains sub-templates that contain the data for columns in the tz database.

Usage[संपादित करें]


Replace timezone with any standard time zone code. If the time zone is omitted, the template defaults to displaying UTC.

Exceptions: Sometimes, two different time zones have the same abbreviation. As we cannot change them, a little trick must be used for lesser-used ones. Instead of using the template above, you must use the following template:

{{subst:tz|timezone continent}}

Replace timezone with any standard time zone code. Replace continent with any of the following:

North America: NA
South America: SA
Antarctica: AN
Africa: AF
Europe: EU
Asia: AS
Australia: AU


  • Irish Summer Time : {{subst:tz|IST EU}} gives IST (UTC+01)
  • भारतीय मानक समय : {{subst:tz|IST}} gives IST (UTC+05:30)

Ireland being less inhabited than India, भारतीय मानक समय will be used more often than Irish Summer Time, and is therefore the default if no continent is specified.

See more examples below.

tz database[संपादित करें]

Sub templates store data from the tz database and some related information. These examples are accurate as of version साँचा:Tz/version of the database.

Template Description Example Produces
{{Tz/version}} Produces the version number of the tz database. Update this template when updating those below with data from a new release. Add a parameter (value doesn't matter) to include a link to the IANA FTP site. {{Tz/version|IncludeLink}} [ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/releases/tzdata2012c.tar.gz 2012c]
{{Tz/country code}} Maps TZ to country code from zone.tab {{Tz/country code|Asia/Urumqi}} CN
{{Tz/iso 3166-1 link}} Maps TZ to linked country code from zone.tab {{Tz/iso 3166-1 link|Asia/Urumqi}} [[ISO 3166-1:CN|CN]]
{{Tz/coordinates}} Maps TZ to coordinates in original format from zone.tab {{Tz/coordinates|Asia/Urumqi}} +4348+08735
{{Tz/coord}} Maps TZ to different coordinate format used in {{Infobox IANA time zone}} {{Tz/coordinates|Asia/Urumqi}} 43/48/N/087/35/E
{{Tz/comments}} Maps TZ to comments from zone.tab {{Tz/coordinates|Asia/Urumqi}} Covering historic [[Sinkiang-Tibet]] time zone
{{Tz/rulefile}} Maps TZ to linked continent file that defines the zone (or link) and DST rules, used by {{Infobox IANA time zone}}. Not currently accurate.
{{Tz/utc offset}} Maps TZ to normal (non-DST) UTC offset {{Tz/utc offset|Europe/Amsterdam}} +01:00
{{Tz/utc offset link}} Maps TZ to linked normal (non-DST) UTC offset {{Tz/utc offset link|Europe/Amsterdam}} [[UTC+01:00|+01:00]]
{{Tz/utc zone}} Maps TZ to normal (non-DST) UTC offset with prefix {{Tz/utc zone|Europe/Amsterdam}} UTC+01:00
{{Tz/utc zone link}} Maps TZ to linked normal (non-DST) UTC offset with prefix {{Tz/utc zone link|Europe/Amsterdam}} [[UTC+01:00]]
{{Tz/utc dst offset}} Maps TZ to DST UTC offset {{Tz/utc dst offset|Europe/Amsterdam}} +02:00
{{Tz/utc dst offset link}} Maps TZ to linked DST UTC offset {{Tz/utc dst offset link|Europe/Amsterdam}} [[UTC+02:00|+02:00]]
{{Tz/zone.tab cols wikitable}} Maps TZ to 4 elements as a wikitable row – country code, coordinates, zone name, and comments {{Tz/zone.tab cols wikitable|Antarctica/South_Pole}}
| [[ISO 3166-1:AQ|AQ]]
| 	-9000+00000
| [[Antarctica/South_Pole]]
| Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole
{{Tz/zone.tab cols linked}} Similar to {{Tz/zone.tab cols wikitable}}, but adds two more lines to the output, containing the linked normal (non-DST) and DST UTC offsets {{Tz/zone.tab cols linked|Antarctica/South_Pole}}
| [[ISO 3166-1:AQ|AQ]]
| 	-9000+00000
| [[Antarctica/South_Pole]]
| Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole
| [[UTC+12:00|+12:00]]
| [[UTC+13:00|+13:00]]
{{Tz/zone.tab cols wiki6}} A possibly slower version of {{Tz/zone.tab cols linked}}. Note: neither {{Tz/zone.tab cols wiki6}} nor {{Tz/zone.tab cols linked}} can currently be used for the full table in List of tz database time zones because of performance limitations in processing such a long table. They can, however, be used for a small number of rows in individual area articles.
{{Tz/infobox}} Displays an infobox on the right side of pages for the tz zones, if the page name matches a zone name. For an example see Asia/Omsk.
{{Tz/zoneinfo}} Displays the lead and a table containing the tz database data. For example, see Asia/Thimphu.

UTC[संपादित करें]

Examples[संपादित करें]

The list may not be exhaustive.

Time zone Name Code Result
UTC-12:00 Baker Island Time (BIT) {{subst:tz|BIT}} BIT (UTC-12)
Internation Date Line West (IDLW) {{subst:tz|IDLW}} IDLW (UTC-12)
UTC-11:00 Samoa Standard Time (SST) {{subst:tz|SST SA}}

SST (UTC-11)

Bering Standard Time (BET) {{subst:tz|BET}}

BET (UTC-11)

UTC-10:00 Cook Islands Time (CKT) {{subst:tz|CKT}}

CKT (UTC-10)

Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAST) {{subst:tz|HAST}}


Tahiti Time (TAHT) {{subst:tz|TAHT}}


UTC-09:30 Marquesas Islands Time (MIT) {{subst:tz|MIT}}

MIT (UTC-09:30)

UTC-09:00 Alaska Standard Time (AKST) {{subst:tz|AKST}}


Gambier Island Time (GIT) {{subst:tz|GIT}}

GIT (UTC-09)

Hawaii-Aleutian Daylight Time (HADT) {{subst:tz|HADT}}


UTC-08:00 Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) {{subst:tz|AKDT}}


Clipperton Island Standard Time (CIST) {{subst:tz|CIST}}


Pacific Standard Time (PST) {{subst:tz|PST}}

PST (UTC-08)

UTC-07:00 Mountain Standard Time (MST) {{subst:tz|MST}}

MST (UTC-07)

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) {{subst:tz|PDT}}

PDT (UTC-07)

UTC-06:00 Central Standard Time (CST) {{subst:tz|CST}}

CST (UTC-06)

Galapagos Time (GALT) {{subst:tz|GALT}}


Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) {{subst:tz|MDT}}

MDT (UTC-06)

UTC-05:00 Central Daylight Time (CDT) {{subst:tz|CDT}}

CDT (UTC-05)

Eastern Standard Time (EST) {{subst:tz|EST}}

EST (UTC-05)

Ecuador Time (ECT) {{subst:tz|ECT}}

ECT (UTC-05)

UTC-04:00 Atlantic Standard Time (AST) {{subst:tz|AST}} AST (UTC-04)
Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT) {{subst:tz|ECT NA}}

ECT (UTC-04)

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) {{subst:tz|EDT}}

EDT (UTC-04)

UTC-03:30 Newfoundland Standard Time (NST) {{subst:tz|NST NA}}

NST (UTC-03:30)

UTC-03:00 Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT) {{subst:tz|ADT}}

ADT (UTC-03)

UTC-02:30 Newfoundland Daylight Time (NDT) {{subst:tz|NDT}}

NDT (UTC-02:30)

UTC-02:00 Greenland Eastern Standard Time (VTZ) {{subst:tz|VTZ}}

VTZ (UTC-02)

Fernando de Noronha Standard Time (FDT) {{subst:tz|FDT}}

FDT (UTC-02)

UTC-01:00 Azores Time (AT) {{subst:tz|AT}}

AT (UTC-01)

Cape Verde Time (CVT) {{subst:tz|CVT}}

CVT (UTC-01)

UTC Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) {{subst:tz|GMT}}


Western European Time (WET) {{subst:tz|WET}}


UTC+01:00 British Summer Time (BST) {{subst:tz|BST}}

BST (UTC+01)

Central European Time (CET) {{subst:tz|CET}}

CET (UTC+01)

Greenwich Daylight Saving Time (GDT) {{subst:tz|GDT}}

GDT (UTC+01)

Irish Summer Time (IST) {{subst:tz|IST EU}}

IST (UTC+01)

Middle European Time (MET) {{subst:tz|MET}}

MET (UTC+01)

West Africa Time (WAT) {{subst:tz|WAT}}

WAT (UTC+01)

Western European Summer Time (WEST) {{subst:tz|WEST}}


Western European Daylight Time (WEDT) {{subst:tz|WEDT}}


UTC+02:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST) {{subst:tz|CEST}}


Central European Daylight Time (CEDT) {{subst:tz|CEDT}


Eastern European Time (EET) {{subst:tz|EET}}

EET (UTC+02)

Israel Standard Time (IST) {{subst:tz|IST AS}}

IST (UTC+02)

South African Standard Time (SAST) {{subst:tz|SAST}}


UTC+03:00 Arabia Standard Time (AST) {{subst:tz|AST AS}}

AST (UTC+03)

East Africa Time (EAT) {{subst:tz|EAT}}

EAT (UTC+03)

Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) {{subst:tz|EEST}}


Eastern European Daylight Time (EEDT) {{subst:tz|EEDT}}


Israel Daylight Time (IDT) {{subst:tz|IDT}}

IDT (UTC+03)

Moscow Standard Time (MSK) {{subst:tz|MSK}}

MSK (UTC+03)

UTC+04:00 Azerbaijan Time (AZT) {{subst:tz|AZT}}

AZT (UTC+04)

Gulf Standard Time (GST) {{subst:tz|GST}}

GST (UTC+04)

Moscow Summer Time (MSD) {{subst:tz|MSD}}

MSD (UTC+04)

Samara Time (SAMT) {{subst:tz|SAMT}}


UTC+05:00 Azerbaijan Summer Time (AZST) {{subst:tz|AZST}}


Pakistan Time (PKT) {{subst:tz|PKT}}

PKT (UTC+05)

Samara Summer Time (SAMST) {{subst:tz|SAMST}}


Yekaterinburg Time (YEKT) {{subst:tz|YEKT}}


UTC+05:30 भारतीय मानक समय (IST) {{subst:tz|IST}}

IST (UTC+05:30)

UTC+05:45 Nepal Time (NPT) {{subst:tz|NPT}}

NPT (UTC+05:45)

UTC+06:00 Bangladesh Standard Time (BST) {{subst:tz|BST AS}}

BST (UTC+06)

Bhutan Time (BTT) {{subst:tz|BTT}}

BTT (UTC+06)

Kyrgyzstan Time (KGT) {{subst:tz|KGT}}

KGT (UTC+06)

Lanka Time (LKT) {{subst:tz|LKT}}

LKT (UTC+06)

Mawson Time (MAWT) {{subst:tz|MAWT}}


Omsk Time (OMST) {{subst:tz|OMST}}


Yekaterinburg Summer Time (YEKST) {{subst:tz|YEKST}}


UTC+06:30 Myanmar Standard Time (MST AS) {{subst:tz|MST}}

MST UTC+06:30

North Sumatra Time (NST) {{subst:tz|NST}}

NST (UTC+06:30)

UTC+07:00 Christmas Island Time (CXT) {{subst:tz|CXT}}

CXT (UTC+07)

Indochina Time (ICT) {{subst:tz|ICT}}

ICT (UTC+07)

Krasnoyarsk Time (KRAT) {{subst:tz|KRAT}}


Omsk Summer Time (OMSST) {{subst:tz|OMSST}}


South Sumatran Time (SST) {{subst:tz|SST}}

SST (UTC+07)

Thailand Standard Time (THA) {{subst:tz|THA}}

THA (UTC+07)

UTC+08:00 Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) {{subst:tz|AWST}}


Borneo Time (BORT) {{subst:tz|BORT}}


Brunei Darussalam Time (BNT) {{subst:tz|BNT}}

BNT (UTC+08)

China Standard Time (CST) {{subst:tz|CST AS}}

CST (UTC+08)

Hong Kong Time (HKT) {{subst:tz|HKT}}

HKT (UTC+08)

Irkutsk Time (IRKT) {{subst:tz|IRKT}}


Krasnoyarsk Summer Time (KRAST) {{subst:tz|KRAST}}


Malaysian Standard Time (MST) {{subst:tz|MST AS}}

MST UTC+06:30

Philippine Standard Time (PHT) {{subst:tz|PHT}}

PHT (UTC+08)

Singapore Standard Time (SST) {{subst:tz|SST AS}}

SST (UTC+08)

Ulan Bator Time (ULAT) {{subst:tz|ULAT}}


Western Standard Time (WST) {{subst:tz|WST}}

WST (UTC+08)

UTC+09:00 Irkutsk Summer Time (IRKST) {{subst:tz|IRKST}}


Japan Standard Time (JST) {{subst:tz|JST}}

JST (UTC+09)

Jayapura Time (JAYT) {{subst:tz|JAYT}}


Korean Standard Time(KST) {{subst:tz|KST}}

KST (UTC+09)

Palau Time (PWT) {{subst:tz|PWT}}

PWT (UTC+09)

Yakutsk Time (YAKT) {{subst:tz|YAKT}}


UTC+09:30 Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) {{subst:tz|ACST}}

ACST (UTC+09:30)

UTC+10:00 Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) {{subst:tz|AEST}}


Dumont-d`Urville Time (DDUT) {{subst:tz|DDUT}}


Guam Standard Time (GST) {{subst:tz|GST AS}}

GST (UTC+10)

North Mariana (Islands) Time (MPT) {{subst:tz|MPT}}

MPT (UTC+10)

Papua New Guinea Time (PGT) {{subst:tz|PGT}}

PGT (UTC+10)

Truk Time (TRUT) {{subst:tz|TRUT}}


Vladivostok Time (VLAT) {{subst:tz|VLAT}}


Yakutsk Summer Time (YAKST) {{subst:tz|YAKST}}


Yap Time (YAPT) {{subst:tz|YAPT}}


UTC+10:30 Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT) {{subst:tz|ACDT}}

ACDT (UTC+10:30)

Lord Howe Standard Time (LHST) {{subst:tz|LHST}}

LHST (UTC+10:30)

UTC+11:00 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) {{subst:tz|AEDT}}


Magadan Time (MAGT) {{subst:tz|MAGT}}


New Caledonia Time (NCT) {{subst:tz|NCT}}

NCT (UTC+11)

Ponape Time (PONT) {{subst:tz|PONT}}


Solomon (Islands) Time (SBT) {{subst:tz|SBT}}

SBT (UTC+11)

Vanuata Time (VUT) {{subst:tz|VUT}}

VUT (UTC+11)

Vladivostok Summer Time (VLAST) {{subst:tz|VLAST}}


UTC+11:30 Norfolk (Island) Time (NFT) {{subst:tz|NFT}}

NFT (UTC+11:30)

UTC+12:00 Fiji Time (FJT) {{subst:tz|FJT}}

FJT (UTC+12)

Gilbert (Islands) Time (GILT) {{subst:tz|GILT}}


Internation Date Line East (IDLE) {{subst:tz|IDLE}}


Kosrae Time (KOST) {{subst:tz|KOST}}


Magadan Summer Time (MAGST) {{subst:tz|MAGST}}


Marshall (Islands) Time (MHT) {{subst:tz|MHT}}

MHT (UTC+12)

Nauru Time (NRT) {{subst:tz|NRT}}

NRT (UTC+12)

New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) {{subst:tz|NZST}}


Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatski Time (PETT) {{subst:tz|PETT}}


Tuvalu Time (TVT) {{subst:tz|TVT}}

TVT (UTC+12)

Wallis and Futuna Time (WFT) {{subst:tz|WFT}}

WFT (UTC+12)

Wake Time (WAKT) {{subst:tz|WAKT}}


UTC+12:45 Chatham Standard Time (CHAST) {{subst:tz|CHAST}}

CHAST (UTC+12:45)

UTC+13:00 Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatski Summer Time (PETST) {{subst:tz|PETST}}


Phoenix (Islands) Time (PHOT) {{subst:tz|PHOT}}


Tonga Time (TOT) {{subst:tz|TOT}}

TOT (UTC+13)

UTC+14:00 Line (Islands) Time (LINT) {{subst:tz|LINT}}


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