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This is a hatnote template that indicates the source page of a section transclusion and provides edit and history links for the source page (but does not actually transclude the section). For information on how to selectively transclude a particular section of one article into another, see WP:Selective transclusion.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Transcluded section|source= |part= }}

Parameter definitions[संपादित करें]

  • source (or the first unnamed parameter, or may be numbered as 1) – A required parameter that lists the page name that you are transcluding from.
  • part – An optional parameter. If |part=yes (or an other positive value supported by {{YesNo}}), the hatnote text changes from "This section..." to "Part of this section...". Use this when the transcluded material is only part of a section on the target page.
  • title – An optional parameter. If |title= is used then the text used in the parameter will be displayed rather than the title of the article from |1= or |source=.

Examples[संपादित करें]

{{Transcluded section|source=Waffle}}

{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=anything other than a positive value}}

{{Transcluded section|source=Blintz|title=Blintzes blintzes blintzes}}

All of the following produce the same result:

{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=yes}}
{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=YES}}
{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=y}}
{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=True}}
{{Transcluded section|source=Pancake|part=1}}

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