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Template for creating two smaller lines of text on one actual line, this can be used for scientific notations of uncertainty and physics symbols, such as nuclides and particles.

It was named after the <sup> and <sub> HTML tags, which share the first two letters of their name with this template. This template uses the third letter of the name of these tags, p and b, as the name of the argument that drives the output of the top and bottom line, respectively.

Editors beware: these templates use all kinds of hacky tricks to make the output render correctly in a wide variety of browsers. If you plan to make changes to this template, please make sure you verify that this template renders correctly after those changes in all major browsers. This list includes the latest version(s) of Chrome, FireFox, MSIE, Opera and Safari as well as any version of those browsers that is still in common use, such as MSIE 6.0 and 7.0!
p The contents of the top line.
b The contents of the bottom line.
a The alignment of both lines (r for right, c for center aligned, default is left aligned)
w The size of the characters (f for fixed width (monospace), default is whatever the current font is)

Simple example: X{{su|p=a}}X{{su|b=b}}X{{su|p=a|b=b}}X


Left aligned (default): X{{su|p=aaaaa|b=b}}X{{su|p=a|b=bbbbb}}X


Right aligned: X{{su|a=r|p=aaaaa|b=b}}X{{su|a=r|p=a|b=bbbbb}}X


Center aligned: X{{su|a=c|p=aaaaa|b=b}}X{{su|a=c|p=a|b=bbbbb}}X


Smaller font: <small>X{{su|p=a}}X{{su|b=b}}X{{su|p=a|b=b}}X</small>


Larger font: <big>X{{su|p=a}}X{{su|b=b}}X{{su|p=a|b=b}}X</big>


Fixed width: X{{su|p=...|b=www}}X{{su|w=f|p=...|b=www}}X


Unlike <sup> and <sub> tags, this template does not prevent line breaks between the two small lines and the preceding text. Thus, if this template is used to supply a subscript and superscript over a base symbol, the whole structure has to be enclosed in a {{nowrap}}, or this template should be invoked through another template that takes care of the wrapping in an appropriate way.

Example: {{nowrap|X{{su|p=a|b=b}}}}Xab