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S-start-collapsible is an alternative to {{S-start}}, the initial component in a template series for succession boxes. As the name implies, it uses a collapsible table.

Usage[संपादित करें]

Replace {{s-start}} with {{s-start-collapsible|header=value}}.

A collapsible succession box always needs a header, otherwise it will break the page rendering. For this reason the template will force you to use the header parameter. The value of this header parameter is one of the succession box headers.

Example[संपादित करें]

{{s-bef|before = [[Richie Ashburn]]}} 
{{s-ttl|title  = [[List of Major League Baseball batting champions|National League Batting Champion]]|years  = 1956}} 
{{s-aft|after  = [[Stan Musial]]}}

{{s-bef|before = [[Duke Snider]]}} 
{{s-ttl|title  = [[List of Major League Baseball home run champions|National League Home Run Champion]]|years  = 1957}} 
{{s-aft|after  = [[Ernie Banks]]}}

{{s-bef|before = [[Stan Musial]]}} 
{{s-ttl|title  = [[List of Major League Baseball RBI champions|National League RBI Champion]]|years  = 1957}} 
{{s-aft|after  = [[Ernie Banks]]}}

Will generate: