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मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से

This template produces a redirect hatnote, analogous to {{redirect}}, for use when three or more redirects need to be specified.

Usage[संपादित करें]

The first parameter supplied to the template should be a number specifying the number of redirects. If this is left blank or a non-numeric value supplied, it will default to 1.

Following the number parameter, a series of parameters should be supplied representing that number of redirects:


If no further parameters are provided, then the template automatically supplies disambiguation links generated from each redirect as "other uses", as in the preceding example.

If further parameters are supplied, they use the same "for-see" structure as {{redirect}}, with pairs of use and target parameters and the and keyword to add multiple targets to a single use. For example:


If insufficient redirects are provided, an error message is produced (and an error-tracking category, which can be suppressed by supplying a falsy value in a category parameter):

{{redirect-multi|3|REDIRECT1|REDIRECT2|category=false}} त्रुटि: missing redirect parameter (सहायता).