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This is a redirect from a title for a topic more detailed than what is currently provided on the target page, or section of that page, hence something which can and should be expanded.

When the target page becomes too large, this redirect may be replaced with an article carved out of the target page. See also Template:R to section, and when appropriate, use both together.

Conversely, if the topic is not susceptible to a major expansion, tag instead with Template:R to section, or Template:R to list entry, depending on how the topic should be handled.

Do not replace these redirected links with a link directly to the target page.

For more information, see the auto-category: Category:Redirects with possibilities.

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Usage[संपादित करें]

This redirect category template (RCAT) should be added to any redirect that may stand alone as an article on a notable subject. If you see a redirect with this template, and you are moved to write the article, then be BOLD!

Apply redirect category template like this:

#REDIRECT [[(Target article)]] {{R with possibilities}}

This is in accordance with the instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.

Template {{This is a redirect}} can also be used to add this Rcat and any others that may apply to the redirect.

This Rcat automatically populates categories Redirects with possibilities and Printworthy redirects. If the redirect is a template, then the Template redirects with possibilities category will be populated.

See also[संपादित करें]

The following redirect to this template, {{R with possibilities}}, and can also be used to populate the above categories: