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If you have just labeled this page as needing translation, please add
{{subst:Needtrans | pg = साँचा:Pnt notice | Language = unknown | Comments = }} ~~~~
to the bottom of this section of Pages needing translation into English. Please consider also placing
{{subst:uw-notenglish | 1 = साँचा:Pnt notice}} ~~~~
on the talk page of the author.

परिचय का प्रतीक साँचा परिचय[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज]

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{pnt notice|language|cleanup}}
  • language: (Optional) The name of the language that requires translation (e.g. "French" or "Mexican Spanish"). If omitted, it is assumed that the language is unknown.
  • cleanup: (Optional) If the literal text "cleanup" is specified, the message and links will point to WP:PNTCU instead of WP:PNTFC.

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