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Usage[संपादित करें]

This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about a specific extrasolar planet. The {{Planetbox begin}} is always the first in the list, while {{Planetbox end}} is always the last in the list. Images of published planetary properties are preferred where available, especially when they are available from cited publications. Artist's conception, regardless of the source, should be avoided. Examples of acceptable images include

This particular template can be used as follows:

{{Planetbox image
| image = <!--image link (the thumbing is automatically set at 300px)-->
| caption = <!-- caption; required  -->

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{Planetbox begin}}
{{Planetbox image}}
{{Planetbox star}}
{{Planetbox star detail}}
{{Planetbox separation}}
{{Planetbox orbit}}
{{Planetbox character}}
{{Planetbox discovery}}
{{Planetbox catalog}}
{{Planetbox reference}}
{{Planetbox end}}

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