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साँचा:Now Commons

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This template will categorise tagged files into Category:Images with the same name on Wikimedia Commons or Category:Images on Wikimedia Commons.

Usage: Simple[संपादित करें]

Same filename on the Commons:

  • {{Now Commons}}

New filename on the Commons:

  • {{Now Commons|NEW FILENAME}} - no need for "File:"

Usage: Detailed[संपादित करें]

  • {{Now Commons|FILE|MULTIPLE|date = DATE|bot = BOT|reviewer = REVIEWER}}

All parameters are optional:

  • If FILE is omitted, the page name is used as the image name. If not it is assumed that the file on Commons has the same name as the file on English Wikipedia.
  • If MULTIPLE is "yes", the template text is changed to indicate multiple messages.
  • If DATE is used the image is categorized in a subcategory matching the relevant date. It is possible to use dates like 2010-07-01 and 20100601023255.
  • If BOT is used the template shows a warning to "Be careful. This file is tagged by a bot (normally BotMultichillT). Be sure to check the file at Commons before deleting this file."
  • If REVIEWER is used then the file is marked as reviewed on Commons. That mean that a user has checked that file has been transferred correct etc. See more at this page.


  • {{Now Commons|1=Crow-Hassan Park Reserve 030527.jpg|2=no|date=2010-07-01|reviewer=SomeUser}}
  • {{Now Commons|Assistive Listening Device FM350.jpg|date=20100601023255|bot=[[User:BotMultichillT|BotMultichillT]] ([[User talk:BotMultichillT|talk]])}}

This template is a self-reference and is not useful for Wikipedia:Template substitution.

See also[संपादित करें]