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This template acts as a wrapper around citations to pages at the webside Foundation for Medieval Genealogy by Charles Cawley. It acts as a wrapper around the standard template {{Citation}} and either automatically fill out some parameters or pass parameters on to {{Citation}}.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Medieval Lands by Charles Cawley|title=Title}} renders:

खोलि, चार्ल्स, Title, फाउंडेशन फ़ॉर मिडिवल जिनिएल्जी |publisher= में बाहरी कड़ी (मदद)

This template has some additional parameters which affect the presentation:

Filled in by the template and passed into {{Citation}}
Passed into {{Citation}}
  • title=Charles Cawley's page name
  • url=url to Charles Cawley's page name — will not be set unless title= is set
  • title-date=date of Charles Cawley's page name — This is a non standard parameter name. But the standard name date= will have a different value than that passed into {{Verify credibility}} and {{Better source}}
  • year=year of Charles Cawley's page name
  • ref=harv ref name — see the documentation for {{Citation}}
Other parameters
  • warning=1 which should be set when the template is used in inline citations or in the general references section if the Cawley citation does not include his cite his sources (see SAYWHEREYOUREADIT) or if Wikipedia is including conclusions that Charles Cawley draws from his analysis of his sources. It turns on the two messages warning that this is a साँचा:Blue and साँचा:Blue.
  • external links=1 which should be set if this template is being used in an "External links" or a "Further reading" section of an article (because entries in these two sections do not have to be reliable sources). It allows articles that include this template to be placed in a special category for further checking.
  • date=today's date — this parameter is used by the templates {{Verify credibility}} and {{Better source}}. If set it will also set accessdate which will be passed into {{Citation}}.
The template creates one of three self explanatory hidden categories

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