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Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox rail}} is used to create an infobox on articles about railway companies. The railroad_name, locale and gauge parameters are mandatory for this template.

For railways that operate on standard gauge tracks or for former railways that operated on standard gauge tracks, {{Infobox SG rail}} uses this template but fills in the gauge parameter automatically.

Syntax[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox rail
|railroad_name     = 
|logo_filename     = 
|logo_size         = 
|system_map        = 
|map_caption       = 
|map_size          = 
|marks             = 
|image             = 
|image_size        = 
|image_caption     = 
|locale            = 
|start_year        = 
|end_year          = 
|predecessor_line  = 
|successor_line    = 
|gauge             =  
|old_gauge         = 
|electrification   = 
|length            = 
|hq_city           = 
|website           = 

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