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परिचय का प्रतीक साँचा परिचय[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज .]

This template generates a mapframe map, suitable for infoboxes, with minimal user input. This template only works with single features (points, lines, or shapes); use {{maplink}} if more advanced options, such as displaying multiple features, are required.

Note that a point feature marker is displayed at the coordinates of the page's Wikidata item, unless the item has an OpenStreetMap आईडी (P402) specified.

Usage[संपादित करें]

Note: When in mainspace, parameter |id= is not required (except to use a different page's data)

Basic[संपादित करें]

Point (Wikidata):

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q7270550}}

Point (coordinates specified, overriding Wikidata values if present):

{{Infobox mapframe |coord={{Coord|31.934|S|115.987|E}}}}


{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q1318331}}


{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q61}}

Determine zoom from object length in kilometres or miles[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q1318331 |length_km=5.6}}
{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q1318331 |length_mi=3.5}}

Determine zoom from object area in square kilometres or square miles[संपादित करें]

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q100 |area_km2=232.14}}
{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q100 |area_mi2=89.63}}

Using a geomask from a related Wikidata item[संपादित करें]

E.g. The item linked from the देश (P17) statement

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q3239281 |geomask=P17}}

With a geomask based on a specific Wikidata item[संपादित करें]

E.g. हेसे (Q1199)

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q3239281 |geomask=Q1199}}

When there are no coordinates on Wikidata[संपादित करें]

(and there are no local coordinates to override Wikidata values, see next section)

{{Infobox mapframe |id=Q1}}

There is no output. Similarly when there is no Wikidata item for the page (like this template's documentation page)

{{Infobox mapframe}}

There is no output.

Overriding Wikidata[संपादित करें]

Wikidata coordinate values and shapes from linked OpenStreetMap data are used by default, but can overriden using |coord=

  • Specify coordinates using the {{Coord}} templates, e.g. |coord={{Coord|32.1|S|116.2|E}}
  • If |coord= is specified, then only that coordinate will be displayed (no line or shape features)
  • If |coord= is specified and |wikidata=yes is used, then those coordinate will be displayed, along with any line or shape features linked to the Wikidata item.

Parameters[संपादित करें]

Other optional parameters are:

Frame width; default is "270"
Frame height; default is "200"
or stroke-colour
Color of line features, and outlines of shape features; default is "#ff0000"
Width of line features, and outlines of shape features; default is "5"
Marker symbol to use for coordinates; default is "marker", see mw:Help:Extension:Kartographer/Icons for other options
or marker-colour
Background color for the marker; default is "#5E74F3"
Wikidata item to use as a geomask (everything outside the boundary is shaded darker). Can either be a specific Wikidata item (Q-number), or a property that specifies the item to use (e.g. P17 for देश (P17), P131 for प्रशासनिक इकाई में है (P131))
or geomask-stroke-colour
Color of outline of geomask shape, default is "#555555"
Width of outline of geomask shape, default is "2"
Set the zoom level, from "1" to "18", to used if the zoom level cannot be determined automatically from object length or area. Default is "10".
or frame-coord
Alternate latitude and longitude coordinates for initial placement of map, using {{coord}}; default is derived from item coordinates
frame-lat (deprecated)
or frame-latitude
Alternate latitude coordinate for initial placement of map; default is derived from item coordinates
frame-long (deprecated)
or frame-longitude
Alternate longitude coordinate for initial placement of map; default is derived from item coordinates

Examples[संपादित करें]

Infobox hospital

{{Infobox hospital}} (as of 5 October 2019)

|image3    = {{yesno|{{{mapframe|yes}}}|no=|yes={{Infobox mapframe
|caption3 = {{yesno|{{{mapframe|yes}}}|no=|yes={{{mapframe-caption|}}}}}
Infobox power station

{{Infobox power station}} (as of 2 April 2019):

| image2        = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map|}}}|no|<!-- -->|{{Infobox mapframe
                  |id                    = {{{qid|}}}
                  |coord                 = {{{coordinates|}}}
                  |frame-width           = {{Digits|1={{#if:{{{image_size|}}}|{{{image_size|}}}|300px}}}}
                  |marker                = industrial
                  |zoom                  = {{#if:{{{location_map_geomask|}}}|{{{location_map_zoom|}}}|{{{location_map_zoom|5}}}}}
                  |geomask               = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map_geomask|}}}|Yes|P17|<!-- -->}}
                  |geomask-stroke-width  = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map_geomask|}}}|Yes|0.5|<!-- -->}}
                  |geomask-stroke-colour = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map_geomask|}}}|Yes|#000000|<!-- -->}}
                  |geomask-fill          = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map_geomask|}}}|Yes|#BABABA|<!-- -->}}
| caption2      = {{#ifeq:{{{location_map|}}}|no|<!-- -->|{{#if:{{{coordinates|}}}{{#property:P625}}|{{{location_map_caption|}}}}}}}
Infobox Australian road

{{Infobox Australian road}} (as of 5 October 2019):

| data3        = {{#ifexist:media:{{{location|}}}<!--
   -->{{yesno| {{{mapframe|yes}}}<!--
   -->|yes={{Infobox mapframe | length_km={{{length|}}} }}<!-- Tracking category:
    -->{{main other|{{#if:{{#property:P625}}|[[Category:Infobox Australian road articles with an infobox mapframe map|{{#if:{{{coordinates_a|}}}|π}}{{PAGENAME}}]]}}}}<!--