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Weapon infobox[संपादित करें]

Rifle, Caliber .30, M1

M1 Garand with en bloc clips.
प्रकार Semi-automatic rifle
उत्पत्ति का मूल स्थान United States
सेवा इतिहास
सेवा में 1936–present (for U.S. military training and parades)
द्वारा प्रयोग किया See Users
युद्ध World War II
Korean War
Arab–Israeli conflict
First Indochina War
Suez Crisis
Vietnam War
Cambodian Civil War
Northern Ireland Troubles
Other conflicts around the world
उत्पादन इतिहास
डिज़ाइनर John C. Garand
डिज़ाइन किया 1932
निर्माता Springfield Armory
Harrington & Richardson
International Harvester
Springfield Armory, Inc. (civilian)
उत्पादन तिथि 1936–1957
निर्माणित संख्या Approx. 6.0 million[2]
संस्करण M1C, M1D
वजन 9.5 पौंड (4.3 कि॰ग्राम) to 11.6 पौंड (5.3 कि॰ग्राम)
लंबाई 43.5 इंच (1,100 मि॰मी॰)
बैरल लंबाई 24 इंच (610 मि॰मी॰)

  • .30-06 Springfield (7.62x63mm)
  • 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) (Used by the U.S. Navy and some commercial companies to modernize the M1 and increase performance)
  • कार्रवाई Gas-operated, rotating bolt
    थूथन वेग 2,800 फुट/सेकंड (850 मी/से)
    दूरी जहाँ तक अस्त्र मार कर सके 440 गज़ (400 मी॰)[3]
    फ़ीड करने के लिए प्रणाली 8-round "en bloc" clip internal magazine
    आकर्षण Aperture rear sight, barleycorn-type front sight

    A weapon infobox may be used to summarize information about a particular weapon or weapon system (such as a firearm, a sword, a grenade, an artillery piece, a torpedo, or a tank); cartridges and artillery shells should use {{infobox firearm cartridge}} instead. The infobox should be added using the {{infobox weapon}} template, as shown below:

    {{infobox weapon
    | name               = 
    | image              = 
    | caption            = 
    | origin             = {{flag|CountryName}}
    | type               = 
    <!-- Type selection -->
    | is_ranged          = 
    | is_bladed          = 
    | is_explosive       = 
    | is_artillery       = 
    | is_vehicle         = 
    | is_missile         = 
    | is_UK              = 
    <!-- Service history -->
    | service            = 
    | used_by            = 
    | wars               = 
    <!-- Production history -->
    | designer           = 
    | design_date        = 
    | manufacturer       = 
    | unit_cost          = 
    | production_date    = 
    | number             = 
    | variants           =
    <!-- General specifications -->
    | spec_label         = 
    | weight             = {{convert|123|kg|lb|abbr=on}}
    | length             = {{convert|123|cm|in|abbr=on}}
    | part_length        = {{convert|123|cm|in|abbr=on}}
    | width              = 
    | height             = 
    | diameter           = 
    | crew               = 
    | passengers         =
    <!-- Ranged weapon specifications --> 
    | cartridge          = 
    | cartridge_weight   = 
    | caliber            = 
    | barrels            = 
    | action             = 
    | rate               = 
    | velocity           = {{convert|123|m/s|ft/s}}
    | range              = {{convert|123|m|yd}}
    | max_range          = 
    | feed               = 
    | sights             = 
    <!-- Artillery specifications -->
    | breech             = 
    | recoil             = 
    | carriage           = 
    | elevation          = 
    | traverse           = 
    <!-- Bladed weapon specifications --> 
    | blade_type         = 
    | hilt_type          = 
    | sheath_type        = 
    | head_type          = 
    | haft_type          = 
    <!-- Explosive specifications --> 
    | filling            = 
    | filling_weight     = 
    | detonation         = 
    | yield              = 
    <!-- Vehicle/missile specifications -->
    | armour             = 
    | primary_armament     = 
    | secondary_armament   = 
    | engine             = 
    | engine_power       = 
    | pw_ratio           = 
    | transmission       = 
    | payload_capacity   = 
    | suspension         = 
    | clearance          = 
    | fuel_capacity      = 
    | vehicle_range      = 
    | speed              = 
    | guidance           = 
    | steering           = 
    <!-- Missiles only -->
    | wingspan           = 
    | propellant         = 
    | ceiling            = 
    | altitude           = 
    | depth              = 
    | boost              = 
    | accuracy           = 
    | launch_platform    = 
    | transport          =

    Note: When using parameters, avoid the ambiguous abbreviation "N/A", and instead use "unknown" or "none". All subjective or qualitative judgements and numerical quantities or statistics must be cited to a reliable source (see WP:MILMOS#CITE).

    The infobox is intended as a quick reference. Don't add non-data items, like question marks, “none”, “see text” or links to article sections (the article's table of contents already does this). Only add “unknown” to assert that an information point is unknowable, not as a placeholder to show that it is missing from the article. Choose a representative model and indicate what it is with the spec_label parameter, instead of listing multiple data items in one field.

    The template can also be used for general categories of weapons, such as tank and Katyusha rocket launcher, by including only some general characteristics.

    General parameters:

    • name – the formal name of the weapon.
    • imageoptional – an image of the weapon. The image must be given in the form [[Image:Example.jpg|300px]]; in particular, the thumb attribute must not be selected.
    • captionoptional – the text to be placed below the image.
    • originoptional – the country or place where the weapon originated or was first manufactured. Flag icons should be avoided in this field, per WP:MOSFLAG and WP:MILMOS#FLAGS.
    • typeoptional – the type of weapon (e.g. "service rifle", "dress sword", and so forth).

    Type selection parameters (these parameters control whether—and how—particular specification fields will be displayed; multiple ones may be enabled where appropriate):

    • is_ranged – "yes" if the weapon is a ranged weapon, such as a firearm or bow; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_bladed – "yes" if the weapon is a bladed, pointed, or blunt hand-held weapon, such as a sword, mace, or polearm; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_explosive – "yes" if the weapon is an explosive device, such as a grenade or bomb; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_artillery – "yes" if the weapon is a type of artillery, such as a cannon or mortar; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_vehicle – "yes" if the weapon is a self-propelled vehicle, such as a tank; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_missile – "yes" if the weapon is a self-propelled missile or torpedo; must be left blank otherwise.
    • is_UK – "yes" if the field labels should use British/Commonwealth English (calibre, armour); must be left blank otherwise.

    Service history parameters:

    • serviceoptional – the period (usually given in years) when the weapon was in service.
    • used_byoptional – the countries, armed forces, or other groups using the weapon; this may be omitted for weapons employed only in their country of origin.
    • warsoptional – any wars during which the weapon saw service.

    Production history parameters:

    • designeroptional – the person or group responsible for designing the weapon.
    • design_dateoptional – the date (usually given as a year) when the weapon was designed.
    • manufactureroptional – the manufacturer of the weapon.
    • unit_costoptional – the unit cost of the weapon; this should only be indicated for weapons currently being produced.
    • production_dateoptional – the period (usually given in years) when the weapon was produced.
    • numberoptional – the number of weapons of this type that were manufactured.
    • variantsoptional – any variant models of the weapon.

    General specification parameters:

    • spec_labeloptional – a label for the specifications, to be used when data for a particular variant is indicated; should be left blank otherwise.
    • weightoptional – the weight of the weapon. For firearms, separate loaded and unloaded weights may be indicated.
    • lengthoptional – the total length of the weapon.
    • part_lengthoptional – a secondary length measurement. For firearms, this should be the barrel length; for bladed weapons, the length of the blade or head.
    • widthoptional – the total width of the weapon, where applicable; this is intended for use with larger weapons, such as artillery or vehicles.
    • heightoptional – the total height of the weapon, where applicable; this is intended for use with larger weapons, such as artillery or vehicles.
    • diameteroptional – the diameter of the weapon, where applicable; this is intended for use with explosives and missiles.
    • crewoptional – for crewed weapons, the number of people required.
    • passengersoptional – for vehicles, the number of passengers carried.

    Ranged weapon specification parameters (most only available if is_ranged is set to "yes"; some are also activated when is_explosive or is_artillery is set to "yes"):

    • cartridgeoptional – for firearms or artillery, the type(s) of cartridge or shell used.
    • cartridge_weightoptional – for firearms or artillery, the weight of the cartridge or shell used.
    • caliberoptional – for non-cartridge firearms or artillery, the caliber or interior diameter of the barrel; for cartridge-loaded firearms, caliber is indicated by the cartridge.
    • barrelsoptional – for firearms or artillery, the number of distinct barrels; this may be omitted if the weapon is single-barreled.
    • actionoptional – for firearms, the type of action (e.g. "flintlock").
    • rateoptional – the rate of fire. For automatic firearms and auto-loading artillery, this is usually the cyclic rate. For other ranged weapons, an effective rate can be indicated if reputable sources for one are available.
    • velocityoptional – for firearms or artillery, the muzzle velocity of the fired projectile.
    • rangeoptional – the effective range of the weapon.
    • max_rangeoptional – the maximum range of the weapon; for firearms this should be the maximum sight setting if used.
    • feedoptional – for firearms, the feed system or magazine used.
    • sightsoptional – for firearms or artillery, the type of sights used.

    Artillery specification parameters (only available if is_artillery is set to "yes"):

    • breechoptional – for artillery, the type of breech mechanism.
    • recoiloptional – for artillery, the recoil system used.
    • carriageoptional – for artillery, the type of carriage used.
    • elevationoptional – for artillery, the vertical range of possible firing angles.
    • traverseoptional – for artillery, the horizontal range of possible firing angles.

    Bladed weapon specification parameters (only available if is_bladed is set to "yes"):

    • blade_typeoptional – for bladed weapons (e.g. swords), a description of the blade.
    • hilt_typeoptional – for bladed weapons (e.g. swords), a description of the hilt.
    • sheath_typeoptional – for bladed weapons (e.g. swords), a description of the scabbard or sheath, if any.
    • head_typeoptional – for blunt or striking weapons (e.g. axes, polearms, or maces), a description of the head.
    • haft_typeoptional – for blunt or striking weapons (e.g. axes, polearms, or maces), a description of the haft.

    Explosive weapon specification parameters (only available if is_explosive or is_missile is set to "yes"):

    • fillingoptional – the explosive filling material or warhead.
    • filling_weightoptional – the weight of the explosive material or warhead.
    • detonationoptional – the detonation trigger type (e.g. "timer", "pressure", "motion sensor").
    • yieldoptional – for larger explosives, the yield (in tons of TNT) of the device.

    Vehicle/missile specification parameters (most only available if is_vehicle is set to "yes"; some are also activated if is_missile is set to "yes"):

    • armouroptional – the armour plating of the vehicle; different armour thickness at different points may be indicated if needed.
    • primary_weaponoptional – the primary armament mounted on the vehicle, if any.
    • secondary_weaponoptional – the secondary armament mounted on the vehicle, if any.
    • engineoptional – the type of engine used by the vehicle or missile.
    • engine_poweroptional – the power output of the engine, usually in hp or kW.
    • pw_ratiooptional – the power-to-weight ratio, usually in hp/tonne.
    • transmissionoptional – the type of transmission used by the vehicle.
    • payload_capacityoptional – the overall payload capacity weight of the vehicle.
    • propellantoptional – for missiles, the propellant used.
    • fuel_capacityoptional – the fuel capacity of the vehicle.
    • suspensionoptional – the suspension of the vehicle.
    • clearanceoptional – the ground clearance of the vehicle.
    • wingspanoptional – for missiles, the wingspan.
    • vehicle_rangeoptional – the operational range of the vehicle or missile.
    • ceilingoptional – for missiles, the flight ceiling.
    • altitudeoptional – for missiles, the normal flight altitude.
    • depthoptional – for underwater weapons such as torpedoes, the maximum operating depth.
    • boostoptional – for missiles, the maximum boost time.
    • speedoptional – the maximum speed of the vehicle or missile; this is usually the road speed, but other values may be indicated if appropriate.
    • guidanceoptional – the guidance system used by the missile (or the vehicle, if unmanned).
    • steeringoptional – the steering system used by the missile or vehicle.
    • accuracyoptional – for missiles, the guidance accuracy.
    • launch_platformoptional – for missiles, the launch platform.
    • transportoptional – for missiles, the transportation vehicle or method, if different from the launch platform.


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    References[संपादित करें]

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    2. Scott Duff. "Who Made M1 Garands? How Many Were Made? When Were They Made?". Excerpted from The M1 Garand: Owner’s Guide copyright 1994 by Scott A. Duff. अभिगमन तिथि 2007-05-18. Italic or bold markup not allowed in: |publisher= (मदद)
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