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Name transcription(s)
Country Singapore
परिचय का प्रतीक साँचा परिचय[देखें] [संपादन] [इतिहास] [पर्ज]

This template generates an infobox about a specified Singapore neighborhood.

Usage[संपादित करें]

Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese{{{chinesename}}}
 • Pinyin{{{pinyin}}}
 • Hokkien POJ{{{poj}}}
 • Teochew Peng'im{{{pengim}}}
 • Malay{{{malayname}}}
 • Tamil{{{tamilname}}}
 • Tamil Romanisation{{{tamilr}}}
Country Singapore
 • Ruling parties{{{rulingparty}}}
 • कुल0 किमी2 (0 वर्गमील)
 • Residential0 किमी2 (0 वर्गमील)
 • कुल{{{population}}}
Dwelling Units{{{dwellingunits}}}
Projected ultimate{{{projectedultimate}}}
Places of Interest{{{placesofinterest}}}
{{Infobox Singapore neighbourhood
| englishname       = 
| image             = 
| caption           = 
| imagemap          = 
| chinesename       = 
| poj               = 
| pengim            = 
| pinyin            = 
| malayname         = 
| tamilname         = 
| rulingparty       = 
| latd = | latm = | lats =
| longd = | longm = | longs =
| population        = 
| totalarea         = 
| residentialarea   = 
| dwellingunits     = 
| projectedultimate = 
| placesofinterest  = 

Parameters[संपादित करें]

All parameters are optional, except englishname

Parameter Description
englishname name of the neighborhood in English
image name of an image showing a representative location in the neighborhood
caption caption for the image
imagemap name of an image showing the location or map of the neighborhood
chinesename name of the neighborhood in Chinese
pinyin Chinese name in Pinyin script (requires chinesename to be defined)
poj Hokkien POJ romanisation (requires chinesename to be defined)
pengim Teochew Peng'im romanisation (requires chinesename to be defined)
malayname name of the neighborhood in Malay
tamilname name of the neighborhood in Tamil
latd, latm, lats geographic latitude coordinates
longd, longm, longs geographic longitude coordinates
totalarea total area of the neighborhood in square kilometers (as a raw number, without the km² suffix)
residentialarea residential area of the neighborhood in square kilometers (as a raw number, without the km² suffix)
population total population of the neighborhood
dwellingunits current number of dwelling units
projectedultimate projected ultimate number of dwelling units
rulingparty current ruling party
placesofinterest short list of wikilinked places of interest (if they have individual articles)

Microformat[संपादित करें]

The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

Sub-templates[संपादित करें]

If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{start date}} unless the date is before 1583 CE.

If it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.

Classes[संपादित करें]

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • uid
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.

Precision[संपादित करें]

When giving coordinates, please use an appropriate level of precision. Do not use {{coord}}'s |name= parameter.