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Copyrighted images on userboxes[संपादित करें]

Information icon.svg A non-free image was recently removed from one or more of your userboxes. Please be advised that Wikipedia takes copyright very seriously. Wikipedia policy does not allow templates (which includes userboxes) or user pages to contain any copyrighted content not under a free license; so, for example, claims under "fair use" are explicitly rejected. This clause is to be interpreted strictly and without exception, for legal reasons. You can research Wikipedia's non-free content policy for more details.

I hope this does not discourage you from creating more userboxes; your contributions to Wikipedia are greatly appreciated. For images and other media that are freely available for use in userpages and userboxes, check out Wikimedia Commons. Thank you.

template ends

Please remember...

  • To substitute the template, use {{subst:Images on userboxes}} rather than {{Images on userboxes}}.