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The templates साँचा:Tlb, साँचा:Tlb and साँचा:Tlb automatically wikilink an IPA symbol to the respective sound article and provide IPA-defined brackets. IPAalink (IPA angle bracket link) displays them within ‹angle brackets›, IPAblink (IPA bracket link) displays them within [square brackets], and IPAslink displays the symbol between /slashes/.

The conversion table is not defined in this template, but inherited from {{IPAsym}}.

For a more general IPA-linking template, with multiple options including IPA brackting, see {{IPAlink}}.

Usage[संपादित करें]

These templates have one parameter, and an optional second.

  • First parameter: Any IPA symbol, or its IPA number.
  • showsymbol=, or use second parameter: changes the visible output into any text.

If the IPA symbol is not defined in the IPAsym table, then an error message is returned.


The latter is normally more an example of accidental misuse than intentional use, or it could be a sign that a symbol is missing from the {{IPAsym}} table.

Option "showsymbol" (2nd, unnamed parameter)

The template can take the extra input like "showsymbol=A", and then show that symbol, while linking to the appropriate article. The symbol to be shown can also be the second, unnamed parameter.

{{IPAalink|ɽ͡r|showsymbol=*}} *›

See also[संपादित करें]

  • {{IPAlink}} To creates an article link. It has multiple options