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The template documentation below is transcluded from साँचा:INRConvert/doc [edit]

Purpose[संपादित करें]

To automatically convert and format currency from भारतीय रुपयाs (रु.) to अमरीकी डालरs. (US$) for use on India-related articles on Wikipedia or wherever appropriate. The actual Rupee-Dollar exchange rate is manually copied each week by a Wikipedia editor from the U.S. Federal Reserve reported data and posted into this template. The conversion is from the value posted by the Wikipedia editor into U.S. dollaरु. The output does not reflect the present exchange rate; rather, the output reflects the exchage rate posted by the Wikipedia editor at the time the template exchange multiplier is updated.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{INRConvert|rupee_value|currency_formatting|rounding digits|nolink=(yes/no)}}

Parameters[संपादित करें]

A description of the template's parameters are listed below.

Field name Usage Description
rupee_value mandatory The value, in भारतीय रुपयाs, that needs to be converted. The template will not accept pre-formatted values (ie. 1,234)
currency_formatting optional Used to represent larger numbeरु. Available options include :
  • k – to represent thousands
  • l – to represent lakhs
  • c – to represent crores
  • m – to represent millions
  • b – to represent billions
  • t – to represent trillions
rounding_digits optional Used to round significant digits. The default value for most numbers with currency formatting is "2" (representing the two digits of paise and cents. Negative values (-2, -3) can be used to round values to the nearest hundred or thousand, etc. A value of "0" will drop paise or cent values from the converted number.
Refer to the Examples section below for more examples.
nolink optional This parameter gives you the option of not internally linking currency names (Rupees and US$). By default, the parameter is set to "no" (ie. it is set to link Rupees and US$). Currency names will be displayed with no links when the parameter is set to "yes".
Foreign Exchange Data Source
This template will always aim to convert भारतीय रुपयाs at current Dollar prices. Source data for INR > USD rates is obtained from the United States Federal Reserve online. Data sourced from the Federal Reserve is public domain.

Examples[संपादित करें]

INRConvert syntax Results
{{INRConvert|1}} 1 (US$0.01)
{{INRConvert|500}} रु. 500 (US$ 12.74)
{{INRConvert|0.05}} 5 पैसे (less than 1¢)
{{INRConvert|0.86}} 86 पैसे (1¢)
{{INRConvert|30|m}} 30 मिलियन (US$4,38,000)
{{INRConvert|0.72|m}} 0.72 मिलियन (US$10,512)
{{INRConvert|36|b}} 36 अरब (US$525.6 मिलियन)
{{INRConvert|36|b|-2}} 36 अरब (US$500 मिलियन)
{{INRConvert|80|B}} 0.80 अरब (US$11.68 मिलियन)
{{INRConvert|32|t}} 32 trillion (US$467.2 अरब)
{{INRConvert|400|c}} 400 करोड़ (US$58.4 मिलियन)
{{INRConvert|400|c|0}} 400 करोड़ (US$58 मिलियन)
{{INRConvert|19|k}} 19,000 (US$277.4)
{{INRConvert|53|m|0|nolink=yes}} रु.. 53 मिलियन(US$ 7,73,800)