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Template:Fb cl header (Football - classification - header)


Parameter Possible values Notes
gavg y = yes; blank = no Displays goal average instead of goal difference (for use in older seasons) if set
hth y = yes; blank = no Displays head-to-head column if set
title anything Displays a title above the header if desired
postitle y = yes; blank = no Displays pos column according to name (e.g. postitle=Seed for seeding table)
group y = yes; blank = no Displays group column if set (for ranking runners-up or third-placed teams from different groups)
ag y = yes; blank = no Displays away goals column if set (for away goals tiebreaker)
teamwidth any number Width of column "Team" (default = 190)
colwidth any number Width of individual columns (default = 28)
templates yes Uses navbar for use on a template for multiple pages