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RFC/U discussion concerning you (Conduct discussion)[संपादित करें]

Hello, Conduct discussion. Please be aware that a user conduct request for comment has been filed concerning your conduct on Wikipedia. The RFC entry is located at Wikipedia:Requests for comment/Conduct discussion, where you may want to participate. ~~~~

Information icon.svg Template usage notes
  • This template is to notify a user about a WP:RFC/USER discussion opened on that user's conduct. (Please use {{subst:ConductNotice}} to notify anyone else about this RFC.)
  • Feel free to write your own message from scratch, or paraphrase this template in your own personal style. This template is not compulsory, it exists for anyone whom it may help to save time and effort in typing or in finding the links.
  • Please refer to the index of user warning templates before using any template on user talk pages to warn a user. Applying the best template available for your purpose may help reduce confusion from the message you are sending.
  • This template takes an optional parameter: one or more sentences of additional comment, e.g. explaining the specific conduct issue being discussed. If provided, this comment will be inserted at the end of the message (before your signature).
  • Please check the number of the RFC (if greater than 1). The second RFC on User:John Doe will be titled "John Doe 2", and so forth. This template will try to look up the correct number and fill it in automagically. However, this can be thrown off by non-standard numbering (in parentheses, Roman-numerals, etc.) or deleted RFCs. In such a case, the substituted template should be edited to show whatever the actual RFC number is.
  • Please remember to substitute the template—use {{subst:Conduct discussion}} rather than {{Conduct discussion}}.
  • This template inserts your signature by default (as you would put ~~~~ inside the box). To prevent it from doing so, set the (optional) parameter sig to n: {{subst:Conduct discussion|sig=n}}.

RFC-related templates and shortcuts:

Template lowercase rfc- prefix short rfc- prefix Parameters, (req)uired or (opt)ional
{{ArticleDiscussion}} {{articlediscussion}} {{rfc-articlediscussion}} {{artd}} {{rfc-ard}} article name (req)
{{ArticleResult}} {{articleresult}} {{rfc-articleresult}} {{artr}} {{rfc-arr}} article name (req), outcome of RFC (opt)
{{ConductDiscussion}} {{conductdiscussion}} {{rfc-conductdiscussion}} {{ucd}} {{rfc-ucd}} conduct issue (opt)
{{ConductNotice}} {{conductnotice}} {{rfc-conductnotice}} {{ucn}} {{rfc-ucn}} RFC/USER subject's name (req)
{{ConductResult}} {{conductresult}} {{rfc-conductresult}} {{ucres}} {{rfc-ucr}} outcome of RFC (opt)
{{UsernameConcern}} {{usernameconcern}} {{rfc-usernameconcern}} {{uncon}} {{rfc-unc}} nature of objection (opt)
{{UsernameDiscussion}} {{usernamediscussion}} {{rfc-usernamediscussion}} {{und}} {{rfc-und}} name issue in discussion (opt)
{{UsernameNotice}} {{usernamenotice}} {{rfc-usernamenotice}} {{un}} {{rfc-unn}} RFC/NAME subject's name (req)
{{UsernameAllowed}} {{usernameallowed}} {{rfc-usernameallowed}} {{una}} {{rfc-una}} archived RFC's "oldid=#" (opt)
{{UsernameBlocked}} {{usernameblocked}} {{rfc-usernameblocked}} {{unb}} {{rfc-unb}} reason for block (opt)

All of these templates need to be substituted: please use {{subst:template}}, not just {{template}}. All these templates (except {{UsernameBlocked}}) will automatically add your signature, unless you add the optional parameter sig=n.