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This template might be used to color the background of a table cell; by the second parameter the text color can be specified. When the mouse pointer is located at the cell, the background color hex code triplet is displayed as a tooltip.

Usage[संपादित करें]

{{Coltit|RGB hex triplet of background color|RGB hex triplet of color|alignment letter|x=individual text}}

The template needs the colors hex code RGB or RRGGBB (not the color name); the 2nd parameters default value is 000 (black); possible alignement letters are: l (left), r (right) with default value center.
The parameter x= specifies a title text header different from its default value (color #).

Example[संपादित करें]

{| class="wikitable"
|{{Coltit|F00|0FF}}'''red''' and complementary color
|{{Coltit|#0ff|#f00}}'''turq''' and complementary color
|{{Coltit|rgb=12,34,56|color=75%,50%,25%}} using absolute 8-bit decimal and percentage RGB notation
|{{Coltit}} no parameters, all defaults 
|{{Coltit|ffee11|x=yellow background colour}} 
| colspan=5 title="background color: #FB2" bgcolor=#FB2 style="color:#FB2;text-align:center" | '''The background should be <u>light orange</u>, not black &amp;emsp; <small>(Internet Explorer ''short form bug'')'''</small>
results in
title="color F00" style="background: /* */साँचा:Number signF00; color: /* */साँचा:Number sign0FF; text-align: auto;"| red and complementary color title="color
  1. 0FF" style="background: /* */#0ff; color: /* */#f00; text-align: auto;"| turq and complementary color
using absolute 8-bit decimal and percentage RGB notation title="color #FFF" style="background: /* */साँचा:Number sign#FFF; color: /* */साँचा:Number sign#000; text-align: auto;"| no parameters, all defaults title="yellow background colour" style="background: /* */साँचा:Number signffee11; color: /* */साँचा:Number sign#000; text-align: auto;"|
The background should be light orange, not black   (Internet Explorer short form bug)

Move the mouse pointer to the table cell to see the background color value

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