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QPN is an abbreviation for Queensland Place Names.

Usage[संपादित करें]

This template creates a {{cite web}} citation to individual records in the online database of Queensland Place Names, a useful searchable reference source on Queensland's place names. It covers cities, towns, suburbs, localities and railway stations as well as geographical features such as mountains, rivers, etc. It does not cover street names or buildings (no schools, churches, etc).

Parameters[संपादित करें]

  • There are two unnamed parameters
  1. Place ID number. This is the only mandatory parameter. It can be found at the end of the URL
  2. Place name. It is optional but really useful to include for the benefit of the reader

For example, the suburb of Kenmore record can be referenced using

{{Cite QPN|41505|Kenmore}}

resulting in:

"Kenmore (entry 41505)". क्वींसलैंड स्थान नाम. क्वींसलैंड सरकार. |work= में बाहरी कड़ी (मदद)

  • The access date can be specified using the accessdate fields.
  • Error checking is not done at all. Specifying an incorrect ID will result in a link to a non-existing record.

More examples[संपादित करें]

{{Cite QPN|2665|Bindha|accessdate=2011-02-03}}


"Bindha (entry 2665)". क्वींसलैंड स्थान नाम. क्वींसलैंड सरकार. अभिगमन तिथि 2011-02-03. |work= में बाहरी कड़ी (मदद)

Harvard style referencing[संपादित करें]

This template provides a simple Harvard style reference, using QHR followed by the ID number. For example, to reference the suburb of Kenmore use {{sfn|QPN41505}} or {{harvnb|QPN41505}}, as appropriate. However, year referencing is not supported at this time.

See also[संपादित करें]

Template:Cite QHR can be used to reference places on the Queensland Heritage Register, which covers a large number of significant buildings.