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See also these category utilities[संपादित करें]

  • c   -- pipetricked category name -- skips 'Category:' and displays bare link.
  • cat/CAT -- Same as C, but expresses 'Category:' as part of the link.
  • cl  -- compromise macro between 'C' and 'Cat': [[:Category:{{{1}}}|Cat:{{{1}}}]]
  • lc  -- Category name and full links -- for administration and discussion pages
  • lcs -- Category name and smaller set of links -- same purposes,
    but note, both are useful from within preview screens as well to explore and study relationships, or make related changes.
  • cat see also -list of many, fixed output format
  • catlst -- list of many and more, flexible output format, greater capacity. Interwiki capable of linking to sister projects.