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Usage[संपादित करें]

Parameter Description
Source / Note 1 Displays passed text.  Use source= or note= if text contains an equals sign.
Column span colspan Overrides the default and specifies number of columns spanned/in table   (Default = 7)
Row style style Specify additional table/cell style="…" commands for the row.  Separate/end style commands with ";".
Preliminary prelim Set any value (e.g. "prelim=yes") to ignore source or note parameter and add the row:   (Use in /source or /top, not both)
** Preliminary results — Not yet official **
On date on Pass the future election date (e.g. on=June 12, 2014) to display standardized notice:
The 2014 general election will be held on June 12th.
By-election by Applicable only with on parameter above.  Set any value (e.g. "by=yes") to reformat standardized notice (above) about future elections for by-elections:
The by-election will be held on June 12th, 2014.
Collapsed Sources hide Overridden by on and prelim.  Set the source(s) here to put one or more rows of information into a hidden "Source(s)" section.  Best practices are to place last in the table; separate multiple sources with a solid line <hr />; and do not use with <ref> links within hidden divisions.
hide={{cite web |url=http://www.elections.on.ca/…2011.pdf |title=Summary of Valid Votes Cast for Each Candidate |date=October 6, 2011 |publisher=[[Elections Ontario]] |accessdate=May 9, 2014 }} <hr/> {{cite web |url=http://www.elections.on.ca/…/ElectionSummary.xls |type=[[File:Microsoft_Excel_2013_logo.svg|15px]] Excel Spreadsheet |title=Statistical Summary |date=October 1, 2013 |publisher=[[Elections Ontario]] |accessdate=May 9, 2014 }} }} Close the /source template