साँचा:Asteroid table sorting

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This template simplifies the inclusion of asteroids and minor planets in sortable tables. The template adds a sort key, and displays the asteroid name and/or number in a specified format.

Usage[संपादित करें]

  • {{ats|[Minor Planet Number]|[Name]|[Format (optional)]}}
  • {{ats/p|[Minor Planet Number]|[Year]|Letter designation|Subscript (if applicable)|[Format (optional)]}}

Four formats are supported:

  1. (number) name - {{ats|2110|Moore-Sitterly|1}} produces &0000000000002110.000000(2110) Moore-Sitterly (default)
  2. number name- {{ats|4765|Wasserburg|2}} produces &0000000000004765.0000004765 Wasserburg
  3. name - {{ats|10484|Hecht|3}} produces &0000000000010484.000000Hecht
  4. number - {{ats|15107|Toepperwein|4}} produces &0000000000015107.00000015107

For minor planets with provisional designations, use:

  1. {{ats/p|35144|1992|YE|1|1}} produces &0000000000035144.000000(35144) 1992 YE1
  2. {{ats/p|35144|1992|YE|1|5}} produces &0000000000035144.000000(35144) 1992 YE1

Formats 5, 6 and 7 produce the same output as 1, 2 and 3, but without the subscript

If the asteroid's designation does not include a subscript, leave that field blank:

  1. {{ats/p|163249|2002|GT||1}} produces &0000000000163249.000000(163249) 2002 GT