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{{ज्ञानसन्दूक विंडोज़ घटक/doc}} is intended for use with articles that discuss component of Microsoft Windows. Broadly speaking, this includes any aspect of functionality that has shipped with any release of Windows, including public betas, but it does not include "add-ins" or other software that is shipped separately from Windows. For example, Windows Messenger should use this template, as it was included with Windows XP, but Windows Live Messenger should not.

Usage[संपादित करें]

For core components that don't have a user interface:

{{Infobox Windows component
| name               = 
| service_name       = 
| service_description= 
| included_with      = 
| replaces           = 
| replaced_by        = 
| related_components = 

For components with a user interface:

{{Infobox Windows component
| name               = 
| logo               = 
| logo_size          = 
| screenshot         = 
| screenshot_size    = 
| caption            = 
| included_with      = 
| replaces           = 
| replaced_by        = 
| related_components = 

Parameters[संपादित करें]

Basic information[संपादित करें]

Required. The name of the component. This should match the name of the article.
e.g. "Windows Update".
Optional. An image path for the logo associated with this component. Logos used must comply with Wikipedia:Logos guidelines.
e.g. "Image:Microsoft Windows XP Logo.svg"
Optional. A width for the image, including the "px"; the default is "250px".
e.g. "106px"
Optional. A screenshot depicting the main user interface of the component. Screenshots should not include any non-standard themes, third-party applications, or personally identifiable information. Also, per Wikipedia:Avoid self-references, no references to Wikipedia should be visible.
e.g. "Image:Windows Vista screenshot.png"
Optional. A caption describing the screenshot. Use of the word "screenshot" in the description can be considered optional, as the template places the image in a section titled "Screenshot".
e.g. "Windows Vista desktop"

Details[संपादित करें]

This is the type of component.
included with
A list of operating system releases this component is included with. If the component has been included with all releases of a specific line of operating systems, use the family name instead of listing each operating system. For example, use Windows 9x instead of Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me.
also available for
A list of operating system releases this component is also available for, as a separate download.
service name
If the article describes a Windows service, this should be the name of the service. For example, the Windows Security Center's service name is "wscsvc".
If this component replaces another component, list it here.
replaced by
If this component is replaced by another component, list it here.
Optional. A list of other Wikipedia articles that cover subjects directly related to this component.
e.g. "<ul><li>[[Features new to Windows Vista]]<li>[[Development of Windows Vista]]</ul>"