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मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से

Usage[संपादित करें]

पक्षी जातियाँ{{{bird_species}}}
स्तनधारी जातियाँ{{{mammal_species}}}
सागर या महासागर{{{seas}}}
जलवायु प्रकार{{{climate}}}
मृदा प्रकार{{{soil}}}
संरक्षण स्थिति{{{conservation}}}
वैश्विक 200{{{global200}}}
पर्यावास हानि{{{habitat_loss}}}%{{{habitat_loss_ref}}}
{{Infobox ecoregion
|name                = 
|image               = 
|image_size          = 
|image_alt           = 
|caption             = 
|map                 = 
|map_size            = 
|map_alt             = 
|map_caption         = 
|biogeographic_realm = 
|biome               = 
|animals             = 
|bird_species        = 
|mammal_species      = 
|border              = 
|borders             = 
|area                = 
|country             = 
|countries           = 
|state               = 
|region_type         = 
|elevation           = 
|coordinates         = 
|geology             = 
|seas                = 
|rivers              = 
|climate             = 
|soil                = 
|conservation        = 
|global200           = 
|habitat_loss        = 
|habitat_loss_ref    = 
|protected           = 
|protected_ref       = 
|embedded            = 

Parameters[संपादित करें]

name Name of the ecoregion
Photo and map
image filename for image, don't include File: (e.g., foo.jpg)
image_size image width in pixels, defaults to 300
image_alt alternate text for image (for accessibility)
image_caption caption underneath image
map filename for map, don't include File: (e.g., foo.png)
map_size width of map image in pixels (defaults to 300)
map_alt alternative text for map
map_caption caption underneath map
biogeographic_realm Biogeographic realm that contains ecoregion
biome Biome type for ecoregion
animals Significant animal species
bird_species Number of species of birds in ecoregion
mammal_species Number of species of mammals in ecoregion
border If ecoregion borders one other, indicate here
border(n) If ecoregion borders more than one other, list others as border1, border2, border3, etc.
area Area of ecoregion in square kilometers (no units, plain number)
country If ecoregion occurs in a single country, use this field
country(n) If ecoregion occurs in more than one country, add them as country1, country2, etc.
state If ecoregion occurs in a single state (subnational division), use this field
state(n) If ecoregion occurs in more than one state, add them as state1, state2, etc.,
region_type If subnational division is not a state, then use this field to change label, e.g., "Province"
elevation elevation range for ecoregion (use {{convert}} template)
geology general geology of ecoregion
seas If the ecoregion is within an ocean or sea, or lies next to it, indicate that here
rivers If the ecoregion is within a river, or contains it, indicate here.
climate Climate type in the Köppen climate classification system
soil Types of soils within the ecoregion
coordinates Coordinates for approximate center of ecoregion (use {{Coord}})
Conservation information
conservation Ecoregion conservation status: typically "critical/endangered", "vulnerable", or "relatively stable/relatively intact".
global200 Whether this ecoregion is one of the Global 200 of the World Wildlife Fund
habitat_loss Percentage of habitat loss, expressed between 0-100, no need for %
habitat_loss_ref Reference for habitat loss
protected Percentage of ecoregion that is protected, expressed between 0-100, no need for %.
protected_ref Reference for percent protected
embedded Another Infobox to place within the ecoregion infobox. The other infobox will show up at the end of the ecoregion infobox. The other infobox needs to have its "embed" or "child" parameter set to 1 or yes, as appropriate.

Tracking category[संपादित करें]