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{{otheruses4}} is a commonly used hatnote on Wikipedia, and so should be placed at the top of an article, linking the reader to articles with similar titles or concepts that they may have been seeking instead.

For quicker use, {{about}} redirects here, and so can be used interchangeably with {{About}}.

For reference, there is information about hatnotes in general, when and how to use them, a complete list of the other hatnotes available, and examples of their use.

For further information, see the talk page.

Usage[संपादित करें]

  • {{About|USE1}}
  • {{About|USE1|USE2}}
  • {{About|USE1|USE2|PAGE2}}

When there as many other uses as in the last example, it would be more appropriate to create a disambiguation page.

Like all templates, it works with or without an initial capital letter; in addition, the word 'otheruses4' can be also replaced by 'about'. For example:

  • {{about|USE1}}