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Who is: Sahil Kumar ⚡ Sahil Kumar

A Google certified blogger, And Youtuber . Personal information Born 25 June 2002 (age 17) Nationality Indian Education Mohini Devi Memorials School Residence katihar, Bihar, India Occupation Youtuber Blogger YouTube And Blogger information Also known as SKB Tutorials Channel SKB Tutorials Website https://www.skbtutorials.com/ Years active 2018 – present Genre Writer Tech Information Hobby: Helping people, Do Something New and Special in the World.

Sahil Kunmar, (born 25 June 2002) is an Indian Blogger and YouTube personality from Bihar, India. He is known for his Blogger SKB Tutorials and work in The Bachelors produced by The Viral Fever and in Happi Fi's Bro Court. Sahil became Indian Blogger to have Google Certified in 2018

Early life and education He did his schooling from Mohini Devi Memorials Schoool, Bihar Sahil started his career as a computer study in restaurants. He later started composing his own Blogging.. Blogging career He started his Internet career with Article of a Tech Information who His first Article went viral in United State, inspiring Sahil to create his ownYouTube and Blogger channel in Feburary 2018. Career Sahil was born in Katihar, Bihar in 2002. He studied Deterministic Finite Automaton in the 10th grade, and studied at a mohini devi memorials school. In 2018 he moved to katihar to pursue a degree in 12 at Katihar Bihar. In katihar, he received a certification to work with Tally from theAccountant, but also started a blogging and YouTube channel besides his work. Sahil launched his SKB Tutorials channel in february 2018, primarily posting advice and Tech information.

Sahil SKB Tutorials Blogging continued its rapid growth. In September 2018, Sahil participated in blogging and Google Conference 2019. Sahil Kumar SKB Tutorials is a Blogger long and short Article . The YouTube channel has more than over 205k views as of 5 Jun 2019. The Article and video are filmed using a front facing camera on a phone by himself. He originally uploaded his Article and videos to Facebook, and then to YouTube.

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