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चित्र:BPS skyline.jpg[संपादित करें]

Hi! Did you take the photo? Or did you find it on a website? If you took it could you perhaps upload the original file in full resolution? If you found it in the Internet please add a link. --MGA73 (वार्ता) 20:40, 8 दिसम्बर 2011 (UTC)

i took the pic myself. i will upload its full resolution image as well. ।नितिन ग्रेवाल

चित्र:Chandeni wells.jpg[संपादित करें]

Please add an appropriate source and license for this image. License tags can be found in. Regards--सिद्धार्थ घई (वार्ता) 22:24, 10 जनवरी 2012 (UTC)