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Dadagari Jeelan
Dadagari author at Vaagdevi College,Proddatur.
जन्म 24march1992Proddatur, Kadapa[[[Andhra Pradesh]], India
व्यवसाय WriterEmployee
                                  Dadagari Jeelan son of Dadagari Mahaboob Basha born at 24th march 1992 at proddatur completed P.G M.B.A at Vaagdevi Institute of Science and Technology at Proddatur.He is well known for his Fiction novel "Don't Undereestimate any one"[1].The other Popular Novel's were "The White Blanket',"The Dumb Friend',"Mother's Love and Gandhiji and Selfish Passengers.

Early Life[संपादित करें]

He Completed his S.S.C at S.B.Meomorial High School.He completed his Graduate at Lepakshi Degree College.He mostly Loves his Father Dadagari Mahaboob Basha.Dadagari Mahaboob Basha completed B.Com(Computer's) at Polytechnic College at Proddatur.

                          Dadagari Jeelan Basha born in 24th March 1992 at Proddatur,is an Indian writer who started his career as freelancer Author after facing many Up's and Down's in his Life.Dadagari himself who made an committment as whatever the life makes him in to struggle shown through by his Novels.Dadagari Jeelan Novels which highlights an phrases like "Change","Humane","Ethics","Moral" and "Lessons.

Novel's Published[संपादित करें]

He Publish many novel's but some popular were "Brother Vs Best Friend,The White Blanket,Best Friends,The Rope and Well,Cousin Vs Competitor's".D.Jeelan author started his Carrier in the year 2014 after facing many challenges and circumstances facing his past life.Every Novel that either shows some thing special or useful Phenomina. The first article "Wings of fire" which extracts many viewers and one of popular Novel show Hope-full for Developing Country India.The popular articles are "Perfect Friend Journal Dairy",Computer Refresh and Yoga,Quotes about Great Authors,Gandhiji and selfish passengers,Time is my friend,Moon and Sea,BEst FrIeNds,Dont Under estimate any one,The pregnant deer,The dumb friend,Life must go on,The white blanket,The road not taken,The sensitive plant (Come and Forgive),Rope and Well,Mothers love,3 stories one ending about God,Kings Daughter and Mangoes,Love and partiality Step Fishes,Cyndrella a magical story, and Worthiness of Donating.

Golden Stories of Gentle Man Dadagari Jeelan[संपादित करें]

In the year 2018,as on July 17th Day,The Book was Published name "Golden Stories of Dadagari Jeelan"[2] contains more than 17 Novels.The Book offers Interesting and moral lesson stories which consists of real love,fiction,tragedy,action,adventures and also emphasis best inspirational thoughts.

Novels Short Description[संपादित करें]

The Sensitive Plant (Come and Forgive) :-

A Novel is all about in support of Sensitive peoples How they are exists their life by everyday problems and tackle from different environment for suistain.

“Henry” an Daze person who still upset on losting his wife on first child birth and committment on kid responsible for incident started to hated childrens seek a girl standing at Railway Station and wave with her hands but no one concentrates her.CanHenry remove his misunderstanding,Can a Sensitive Girl bring back his forgetten smile again in henry life.

The White Blanket :-

“The White Blanket” A Novel is all about the Sister and Brother Siblings An beautiful Girl and Pretty “Kanaya” was trapped in the Plan of her brother Loshan and decided to marry of his selected.Meanwhile after reveales truth about her brother betrayal she committed Suicide attempt.The Novel revolves around can her mother takes revengue or what else the special thing White blanket indicates in these Novel.

The Rope and Well :-

Prabhu is an old age addicted hard worker started find scarce about his daughters marriage and affected by Heart attack was hospatilised in other loshan who always lazy and roaming character no any hand in Income find about his father inccident and started to run in a hurry in that situation he inspired with Rope and Well. findout what lesson does he learn.

Gandhiji and Selfish Passengers :-

Author publish the Novel on the September 24 2015.In these Novel behind cause for pulishing to honor and Tribute the the special appearance “Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi” who made huge role for taking Independence movement againist Britisher rule.A Story takes place in the year 1888,september 3 as Gandhi was travelling in Ship.the article all about How Mohan das Gandhi observe the perception of two way Character as before and After the Storm takes place.

Worthiness of Donating :-

A boy with happily going to purchase chocklates but suddenly at path of road observes an beggar to need only 2 rs for satisfy his hunger.Can boy donate it or what Magic happened.

Don’t Underestimate Any One :-

The Novel which throw back lesson of Underestimate is very rude habit with three different objects Things,Animals and Humans.Umbrella,Crow and Small Boy.

Mothers Love :-

After Reaching a Peek of his carrer by showing his arrogance of wealth and richness an man ask to his mother that How much can he pay for making from childhood to adult success.The Mother to taught him best lesson ask to qualify in her tests.The article revolves around How a man finaly comes to know Mother Job is not easy and even we have millionare still we couldn’t pay for her Scrifices.

The Poor Children's Life :-

Author main cause to publishing behind these article the only reason for standing in aid of Poverty and diminishing Poverty rate in India also to left morale of Humanity.

The five children's who committed suicide attempt in the village water well removing by the water swim experts.the children's where they found 2 are girls and 3 are boys and send for post mortem.

The Doctors reports results the girl, she is 23 years old and the 3 boys were 12-15 years approximate another girl about 19 years old.

The Mumbai police department now started to inquiry and registered F.I.R.An Honest Sub-Inspector name Ashant who most love to children's show more interest on case.Ashant on the next day started to search the case is first case which very confuse and impossible to understand that why the children's attempt to suicide and most thinking point is that In their appropriate hands why they wrote line “No Humanity In India.”

Novels Published[संपादित करें]

Article Name Date of Published
The white Blanket march162016[3]
Don't Underestimate any one september192015[4]
Wings of fire december282015[5]
The Rope and Well 30october2015[6]
3 Stories one Ending 3october2015[7]
Gandhiji and Selfish Passengers 24september2015[8]
The Crying Nature 13august2016[9]
Cousin Vs Compititor's 25june2016[10]
Brother Vs Best Friend 13may2016[11]
The Poor children's life 30january2017[12]

Quotes[संपादित करें]

  • Dareness is Scope for Win
  • Songs sometimes become reason for Best Sleep
  • Raise voice on Law,feel proud as Honest,and make country Good
  • Son is who even life get againist for both but never leaves parents Hand
  • Tea is Best Cure for Tension Free[13]

    Islamic Quotes[संपादित करें]

  • The real lovers of Allah even with a gesture complete the Sal ah
  • Allah always see the Man when he will come infront and ask for Forgive
  • Allah is always rewards more than compare to all days and that is Friday
  • Skip Sal ah means a trap of evil started just like fish in a water but under a Net
  • Helping in Islam Just like Cure for Soul[14]

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