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Understanding MediaWiki[संपादित करें]

MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software. Websites or projects such as Wikipedia (all languages), Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource are run on with this software. MediaWiki is written in PHP and the website is: www.mediawiki.org

An important page to look for (specially who are maintaining a site): mw:Manual:LocalSettings.php

Might be useful to use: mw:Help:Magic_words, see also Parser functions

Topics[संपादित करें]

MediaWiki pages

The MediaWiki namespace is used to store important system messages and content content. for example MediaWiki:Tagline decides a project tagline, see MediaWiki:Edit to see the text that fills the "Edit" tab at the top of every page

Tools[संपादित करें]

Learn more about contribution
  • Wikidata benefits
  • Wikidata query