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Checking files on hi-wiki[संपादित करें]

There is many places to look for files to check. And everyone can help. Feel free to edit this page if you have any ideas to make it better.

All files should be in श्रेणी:Wikipedia files and subcategories(for now). This category and its subcategories should later be renamed to appropriate hindi names, and these categories made into category redirects using {{श्रेणी अनुप्रेषित}}.

You can see latest files here विशेष:NewFiles.

Looking for bad files?[संपादित करें]

To find files with license problems you can look here:

Files nominated for deletion:

Then there is विशेष:UncategorizedFiles and श्रेणी:Non Licensed Images + subcategories which is files without a license template.

If you or the uploader can not fix the problems then the file should be deleted.

In विशेष:UnusedFiles there is unused files. If the files is unfree or useles they should be deleted. If the file is free and usable it should be moved to Commons.

Looking for good files?[संपादित करें]

All files in these categories should be good:

The non-free media should have the right license, a fair use rationale and be needed. विकिपीडिया:Non-free content has a link to enwiki where you can read more.

The free media should be moved to Commons. Free media should have:

  • A valid source - where does the file come from? Link to website. Text telling where the file is from, for example own photo, own drawing scanned from the book [name, year etc.].
  • An author - who created the file? Name of photographer. And if it is a photo of a painting or a statue we need to know the name of the artist and when (s)he died. There is some exceptions for example freedom of panorama.
  • A valid license. All files MUST have a license. Free or not free. We need a valid license.
  • A description and a date is also good. That helps us find out what the file "shows". The date can also be relevant to prove that a photo is free.

Focus area?[संपादित करें]

Sometimes it is more fun if more than one user is working on the same category or list. If you want to join the focus are at the moment is: