मुक्त ज्ञानकोश विकिपीडिया से
यहाँ जाएँ: भ्रमण, खोज



!لسلام عليكم

Mera nam Patricia hai. मेरा नाम पेट्रीसिया है Maim eka vikimidiya sathi hun. मैं एक विकिमीडिया साथी हूँ

This summer I am one of five lucky fellows who gets to study Wikipedia for the Wikimedia Foundation. I'll be intensively working on Hindi Wikipedia while dabbling in other Indian language Wikipedias. I am a student of Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu with a growing interest in Gujarat, Bengali, and Farsi.

If you'd like to participate you can leave messages on my talk page or email me at hindiwikipedia@gmail.com. I will be posting questions for Wikipedians soon. In the meantime, read about my second favorite Sanskrit poem -- the one after which I've named myself -- right here.

Questions for Hindi Wikipedians[संपादित करें]

I've been contacting Wikipedians around the globe to get a better understanding of Hindi Wikipedia. If I have contacted you but we haven't talked yet, here are the basics of what I'll be asking. Any question you don't want to answer, of course, you don't have to.

Also, if you've stumbled across this somehow and I have not contacted you but you would like to participate, please feel free to email me hindiwikipedia@gmail.com.

What is your educational background and where do you work?

Where do you live?

How old are you?

When and how did you first hear about your Wikipedia, and why did you start editing?

How many years have you participated? If you ever took an extended wiki-vacation, please provide the reason (i.e., too much work offwiki, unpleasant atmosphere/events in the project itself, or something else).

What do you like most about participating in the project?

Why do you think you and other users participate in this work?

Do your professional interests overlap with the areas in which you edit on Wikipedia?

How do you decide which articles to edit?

Do you participate in "metapedian" work, i.e., patrolling, discussions of nomination for deletion or renaming, templates? Do you follow the discussions that take place on the Village Pump, discussion pages of the ArbCom, etc.? Why/why not?

How do you feel about the administrators?

How do you feel about the rules? Which rule do you consider to be most important? Do you think that the atmosphere of the project is too strict?

Do you communicate with other users outside of Wikipedia? How?

How has working on Wikipedia helped/hindered you in real life?

Has participating in the project affected you personally? How so?

Do you participate actively in other projects of the Wikimedia Foundation? If so, what are the main differences (positive or negative) from your Wikipedia?

What other web projects do you participate in?

What other hobbies do you have?

Aside from the basics, I will also have questions about your specific work on Hindi Wikipedia.

  • Please note also that there is a basic release form I will ask interviewees to sign. If you don't feel comfortable signing it, please let me know and I will not use any of your quotes but would still like to talk to you.