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Usage[संपादित करें]

This template is a modification of {{User:Nihiltres/Userboxes/Super contrib meta}}, which is itself a modification of {{User contrib meta}} such that you can enter your edit count as a raw number (digits only, e.g. "12345" rather than "12,345") and it will produce a rounded result.

Vertical list Description Requirement
|id-bg      = 
|id-font    =
|id-s       =
|info-bg    =
|info-font  =
|border     =
|link       =
Enter raw edit count in unnamed field
ID box background color
ID box font color
ID text size
Info box background color
Info box font color
Border color
link to an edit count tool

Examples[संपादित करें]

Primary modifications[संपादित करें]

While based on {{User:Nihiltres/Userboxes/Super contrib meta}}, this version has a few differences:

  • Changed ID box to show the values over 1,000 using "k" (ie: 1k+, 25k+, etc) instead of showing the full rounded value, allowing the ID box to display at a standard width.
  • Allow links to show standard link colors, making it more obvious that they are clickable links.
  • Different background colors used - this was done both to ensure ease of readability for the links, as well as a personal preference.
  • Added the text "and knows this is a meaningless statistic" (with link) to the end of the infobox.
  • Removed the "insane" variable and text that showed on very large edit counts.
  • To force the id to be "∞+", use a count greater than 900000. This also triggers the info text to show "way too many" instead of an actual count.

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