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Actress vaishali gupta (born 12 July 1992), also known by her vaishali gupta,[3] is an Indian actress and model. Primarily known for her work in Hindi tv #serial, Particularly known for her work in the crime petrol and fear files, she is frequently cited in the media as a beauty symbol.actress vaishali gupta model actress tv serial

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टीचिंग करते-करते कब एक्टर बन गई, पता नहीं चला : वैशाली / टीचिंग करते-करते कब एक्टर बन गई, पता नहीं चला :[2][संपादित करें]

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  • Done 3 Plays in Bhopal with Ashmita Theatre Group*

Play *Cameo Character* in *Ek vivah esa bhi was on air on &tv*

Play *Cameo Character* in *Parmeshvar krishna* currently on air on *&tv*

Play a *Character of Culprit in CID* was on air on *Sony*

Play as Doctor , Wife , friend in *Crime Patrol * for *Sony*

Play as a wife in *Agnifire* is on air on *&tv*

Play *Cameo* in *Papa by chance* on *Starbharat*

Play *Cameo* in *Kya haal Mr Panchal*

Play *Cameo* in *Guddan tumse na ho payega* on *Zeetv*

Play *Cameo* in *Ye teri galiya* on *Zeetv*

Play *Cameo* in *Uddan* on *Color*

Play *Cameo* as *Doctor* in *Ishq mein marjawan* on *Color*

Play *Cameo* in *Mangalam Daglam* on air *Sabtv*

Play *Parallel lead* in *Savdhan India* as *Wife*

Play *Parallel lead as Rene* in *Fearfiles* on *Zeetv*

Play *Continuity Character in Dastaan E Mohabbat on air on Colors*

Did *Rampwalk* for *Tanishq* Diamond Collection as *Showstopper*

Did * Add shoot* for *Topper.com* eyewear *Coolwinks* for *Naptol *

Did *Catlog shoot* for *Alam* collection in *Lucknow *

In Top 100 * Powerful Women of India *

In top20 upcoming *Cosmopolitian Mrs India 2019 *

Jurry member in *FeminaMrsIndia UP/Punjab*

Jurry member in *Kids Talent show*

My upcoming show *Kesar Kasturi* as *Rukmi*

Presently part of upcoming *Movie* * Mission Mangal *with *Akshay kumar* , *Vidhaya Balan* , *Tapsi Pannu *

  • Regards*
  • Vaishali Gupta*
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