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   Name : Aakash Prajapati
   Nick name : Aakash
   Profession : YouTube, Instagram etc. 
   Home town : Muzaffarnagar, India
   Birth place : muzaffarnagar, india
   Date of birth : 05-01-2001
   Age : 17
   Hight : 5"7inc
   Weight : 49 (Approx) 
   Favorite color : Orange, Yellow, White
   Eyes colour: Black-Brown
   Hair color : Black, Brown
   School : S.V.M.I.C (HARIDWAR) 
   Religion : Hindu
   Debut : Youtube
   Nationality : Indian
            About me. 

I am Aakash Prajapati. I live in haridwar. I'm tech YouTuber. I love acting and singing, traveling, music etc. My Favorite food is Chicken. I have two brothers. (Shivam, Aadrash) . I love to play and watch all kind of sports specially Cricket. My good looks and concept reach me to massive fans. Lover of KTM, IPhone. My hair style is very popular among youth generation. Elon musk, Bill gates, Warren Buffett, therock, Justin Bieber is my inspiration for making videos. I'm also fashion bloggers. Sometimes I take 100 takes for better quality video. I can speak hindi, english. I'm biggest fan of elon musk, Bill gates, Justin Bieber, therock. Favorite subject is always Mathmatics & physics. Favorite destination is Canada 🍁. Favorite actor is akshy kumar. Lucky number is '60'. Instagram user ID is : @aakashprajapati60 Girlfriend : single Best friend : Govind, shivam


I love Photography, acting, singing, dancing, skating lover, guitar, car, bike.


I live with my family. First we live at muzaffarnagar. And then we swift there and live at haridwar. We are living at here after 19 year. My father's doing business at here. He have a shop. And we have a 2 home at here and 3 plots.