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Sang Sangini
छो (Sang Sangini)
=====Bikaner - 334003, Rajasthan (India)=====
======CIN :U93010RJ2018OPC061008======
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==Sang Sangini Marriage Bureau==
'''SangSangini.com''' an advanced matrimonial service for people looking to get married. Sang Sangini Marriage Bureau aggregates Indian profiles from multiple registered members from all over the India in one place for you to find your dream life partner matching your search preferences.
'''About Us:'''
Marriages are made in heaven. It is a beautiful bond which requires falling in love many times with the same person. Soul mates are hard to find but not impossible.
So we are here for you, as we are serving people since 2014. Sang Sangini™ is Logo Trademark Under Process, registered under Govt. of Rajasthan, District Industries Center Bikaner,
Panigrahan Matrimonial Services (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
Our vision is, We centralise all the data from all the local Marriage Information Centre, Brokers/Bureaus, Samitis under one roof to make it real and dependable Matrimonial site in India. In this regard all the data is centralised like Franchise through Globalization. So that customers can get more options economically. We are always trying to provide the best of the best services to our customers.
At Sang Sangini ™ Rishton Ki Dor it is our endeavour to bring together all the cultures, Cast, Religions and Nationalities to unite their thoughts and actions with the holy bond of Marriage.
Uttarakhand : Dehradun, Haridwar.
Delhi : A11/A1, Hanuman Mandir Road, Opp. Nanak Sweet Palace, Uttam Nagar, Kiran Garden, Delhi 110059
International Offices: Denmark, UAE, Singapore, Boston, United States, Toronto, Canada


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