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90 बैट्स् जोड़े गए ,  2 वर्ष पहले
* 10 रजब - नौवें इमाम [[मुहम्मद अल-तक़ी]] का जन्म।
* 13 रजब - [[शिया इस्लाम|शिया मुसलमान]] अपने पहले इमाम [[अली इब्न अबी तालिब]] का जन्म जोश से मनाते हैं।
* 18 रजब - [[अब्राहम|इब्राहीम]] की [[शिया इस्लाम]] के अनुसार मृत्यु।
* On 18 Rajab, [[Abraham]] died. (In accordance with [[Shi'a Islam]])
* On 22 Rajab, '''Koonday''' (table cloth dinner) is organized by Shi'a muslims and non [[Salafi]] [[Sunni]] Muslims. It is an occasion for Muslims to discuss Allah and the Holy Ahlul Bayt and to strengthen ties among the community with love and compassion. This tradition is more common among the Muslims of South Asia. It is reported to be a practice instructed by 6th Imam [[Jafar as-Sadiq]].
* On 24 Rajab, victory to Mulims in the battle of Khyber.


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